The Fort Worth Avenue Development Group will hold a town hall meeting TONIGHT to discuss the proposed Sylvan 30 development on TONIGHT, September 13, from 7:00-9:00 pm at Salon las Americas, 1004 Fort Worth Avenue.
This meeting will have limited seating, so please arrive early to secure your seat. The presentation will begin promptly at 7 pm.
Topics for discussion will include the developer's zoning change application, securing performance, roadways and rights-of-way, the importance of urban form, and the economics of development.
The Fort Worth Avenue Development Group looks forward to your attendance, so our community may have a better understanding of the issues related to the Sylvan Thirty development and the impact on our neighborhood of the proposed zoning changes which would allow among other things an increase in height on this site from the presently allowed 40 feet and three stories to 95 feet and eight stories.

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