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Cars for Kids Charity is proud to announce a remarkable partnership with iHeartMedia and the Ben & Skin Show from 97.1FM The Freak. This collaboration has resulted in a heartwarming vehicle donation that will play a pivotal role in empowering children in Dallas to build brighter futures.


iHeartMedia: A Generous Gesture that Drives Change

iHeartMedia, a global leader in the world of media and entertainment, has a longstanding commitment to supporting the communities it serves. Their recent donation of a vehicle to Cars for Kids Charity exemplifies this commitment, demonstrating the positive impact that corporations can make when they choose to give back.

The donated vehicle represents more than just a mode of giving; it signifies hope, opportunity, and a chance for a better future for children in need. It showcases iHeartMedia's dedication to creating a meaningful difference in the lives of those they reach.

The Ben & Skin Show: Champions of Giving

The Ben & Skin Show, a popular radio program on 97.1FM The Freak, has been an integral part of this partnership. The show's hosts, Ben Rogers and Jeff "Skin" Wade, have been champions of giving back to their community. Their involvement in this vehicle donation highlights their passion for making a positive impact.

A Vehicle for a Brighter Future

This vehicle donation represents much more than a set of wheels. It symbolizes the opportunity for children in Dallas to access education, resources, and support that can change the trajectory of their lives. Cars for Kids Charity is dedicated to using the proceeds from vehicle donations to provide essential programs that empower young individuals to thrive.

Through educational initiatives, mentorship programs, and support for underserved communities, Cars for Kids Charity is committed to breaking down barriers and ensuring that every child has the chance to succeed. The vehicle donated by iHeartMedia and facilitated by the Ben & Skin Show will contribute significantly to these endeavors.

Donating a Vehicle: Easy and Impactful

For those inspired by this heartwarming partnership and eager to make a difference, donating a vehicle to Cars for Kids Charity is easier than ever. The process is straightforward and can be completed in just a few simple steps:

  1. Contact Us: Reach out to Cars for Kids Charity via phone or our website to express your interest in donating a vehicle.
  2. Vehicle Evaluation: We'll guide you through the process of assessing your vehicle's condition and eligibility for donation.
  3. Paperwork Made Simple: Our team will assist you in completing the necessary paperwork, including the transfer of the vehicle's title.
  4. Pickup Service: We offer free pickup services to make the donation process convenient for you.
  5. Tax Benefits: You'll receive a tax-deductible receipt for your generous contribution, which can lead to substantial tax benefits.

Join the Drive for Change

Cars for Kids Charity, iHeartMedia, and the Ben & Skin Show invite you to join our collective effort to drive change and create brighter futures for children in Dallas. Your vehicle donation can make a profound difference in the lives of those who need it most.

For more information on how you can get involved and donate your vehicle, please visit or contact us at 972-274-5437. Together, we can be the driving force behind positive change in our community.

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