Cars for Kids
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In a recent episode of Wash Talk: The Carwash Podcast, hosted by Rich DiPaolo, Colin Weatherwax, the CEO of Cars For Kids, took listeners on a journey through the organization's remarkable evolution. From its humble beginnings to becoming a prominent non-profit entity, Weatherwax shared insights into his motivations and the impactful projects that have shaped Cars For Kids.

During the episode, Weatherwax discussed the avenues available for carwash owners, operators, and customers to actively engage and contribute to the meaningful work of Cars For Kids. His advice shed light on the importance of partnering with reputable non-profits and the value of donating to causes that create positive change in communities.

"We are thrilled to have Colin Weatherwax join us on Wash Talk: The Carwash Podcast and share his invaluable insights," said Rich DiPaolo, the host of the podcast. "His dedication to Cars For Kids and his vision for making a difference are truly inspiring."

Listeners can tune in to this enlightening episode to learn more about partnering with and donating to reputable non-profit organizations like Cars For Kids. The episode is available for streaming and download on Wash Talk: The Carwash Podcast platform.

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