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Our vehicle auction is open to the public with bids starting at just $200. Everyone is welcome, all you need is a government issued ID or passport and a $200 refundable deposit.
No dealership license required. Check out the latest inventory at
  • There is a $200.00 minimum refundable deposit due upon registration. 
  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate in our auction.
  • If you do not win a bid – we will NOT capture your deposit, it will be put back into your account according to your bank’s policy.
  • Please have your valid picture ID at the time of payment. Buyers taking vehicles OUT OF STATE or OUT OF COUNTRY must have valid ID from that state or country at the time of payment.
  • You must PAY IN FULL, IN PERSON for all purchases Saturday 10am – 4pm or 8am to 4pm on the following Monday. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE AUCTION AREA UNTIL THE AUCTION IS OVER.
  • If your vehicle has not been paid for 4pm on Monday; the bidder will be banned, the vehicle will be put back into inventory and the bidder will forfeit their deposit. A $500.00 deposit will be required the next time a bidder registers after being banned for non-payment.
  • Your online bid is an agreement to purchase. If you purchase multiple vehicles, you will need to pay for all vehicles.
  • If you do not have funds ready to pay for all vehicles purchased, please DO NOT BID!
  • You may view the vehicles on Fridays from 8am to 5pm.
  • If an individual wins a bid that has been marked and announced as DEALER ONLY, they will forfeit their $200 deposit. Please review every vehicle carefully to ensure you are not bidding on a vehicle that you cannot purchase.

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