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September 25, 2013

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Renee Reed, Anytime Fitness Bishop Arts




Anytime Fitness Expert Answers Your  Health and Wellness Questions


By Renee Reed


Question: I’ve been having a tough time with my energy levels for my 6am workouts. I was thinking coffee might help with this, but it seems like it’s always getting mixed reviews. Any cause for concern before a workout?


 Answer:  First things first. If you’re experiencing low energy levels, and you’re not necessarily focused on fat loss, try having a small breakfast, or even a bar or a shake, before you go workout. This will definitely provide the much-needed energy you’re looking for. However, if, like many of the members at Anytime Fitness, you’re trying to drop body fat and you’d like to avoid calories that early in the morning, coffee is an excellent alternative.


The caffeine in coffee is considered a central nervous system stimulant and will provide a boost of energy, though the effect varies greatly among individuals. Caffeine is actually considered an ergogenic aid, meaning it enhances physical performance. In the right amounts, caffeine has been shown to reduce the perception of effort during a workout, which means your workout will seem easier than it actually is. Not bad for a little cup o’ joe, huh?


 Keep in mind, coffee does increase heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure, and it can make you a bit jittery if you’re a newbie. Read the label carefully, as many energy drinks or café coffee  list the mg per serving and contain more than one serving.  Luckily, these effects are relatively mild, especially for healthy folks. In fact, much of the research these days is focused on the potential health benefits of coffee, rather than any health risks.  As I tell my clients at Anytime Fitness, we  suggest keeping your daily dosage under 200 mg (and under 100 if you are pregnant).



About the author: Renee Reed is the club co-owner and NSCA Certified Personal Trainer  at Anytime Fitness in the Bishop Arts District of North Oak Cliff. To submit a question for future articles or to visit Anytime Fitness, please contact Renee at




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