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Marquez Beason stands in front of the new stories about the Falcon Football team which won a state championship last year. He plays both JV and Varsity for the Falcon Football teams this year.

Freshman Marquez Beason is a Triple Threat: on Football Field, Basketball Court, and Track

Marquez Dominic Beason is a tri-athlete who made a dazzling touchdown run on a kickoff return in the last second of the varsity football game against John Paul II. His quick moves and run down the entire length of the field had the whole crowd cheering, only to have his points called back on a flag. He watched the video of his amazing run days later, and says he never saw a flag thrown, but understands that’s the nature of the game. Sometimes things happen on the field that you have no control over, and you just have to get over it and move on.

The youngest of three brothers, Marquez lives with his Uncle Archie and Aunt Ketra and their son, Zeriah, a 7th grader at Dunne. They live in Midlothian, a 20-minute drive with traffic, and his Uncle Archie, an officer with the Dallas Police Department, gets the boys to school each morning.

Marquez came to Bishop Dunne in the 7th grade from Walnut Grove Elementary in Midlothian, having heard about it from Zeriah. He visited the school and fell in love with it. He says the environment and the teachers make the school special.

The shooting guard and small forward in basketball, Marquez and his 8th grade Falcon team made it to the championship game last year and lost by one basket. In track he runs the 100, 200, 400, 4x100 relay, and 4x200 relay. He’s a wide receiver on both the JV and Varsity Falcon teams, which means he’s in practice all week and ready to play both Thursday and Friday nights, leaving very little free time. When he’s home he’s doing his homework, resting for the next football practice or watching football with his uncle.

Marquez admits Bishop Dunne is harder than his former school, but says the work is worth it, because he plans to go to college and knows Bishop Dunne can get him there. He’s already looking forward to applying to UCLA, Baylor, and LSU. He hopes to play football in college, and plans to be an entrepreneur after he graduates. His dream is to open a recreation center for students in South Dallas to play in and do their homework after school, somewhere in rural, southern Dallas.

When he was called into the office a few weeks ago to see President Kate Dailey, he admits he was worried he’d done something wrong. He was delighted to learn he had been awarded a scholarship in the name of two football greats: Roger Staubach and Drew Pearson. Although Marquez wasn’t born when they were leading the Cowboys, he knows exactly who they are and feels he is blessed and lucky to receive a scholarship created by them.

Marquez will continue to work hard in the classroom and on the football field to make them–and his family–proud. A freshman Falcon with his sights on a fantastic future, encouraged by two football greats and a faculty helping to get him where he wants to go.


The Bishop Dunne Falcons football team is undefeated this season and the JV Football team is 5-2. The varsity team plays its final away game against Midland Christian October 30, 2015 and it's final district game at home on November 6, 2015 against Trinity Christian - Addison (TCA.) For more information about Bishop Dunne, see the school's website: or the school's sports website:

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