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Marta Popeil - Ilevia has won a coveted "Heart of Work," award for her hard work and love of teaching at Bishop Dunne. Ms. Popeil teaches English and is the moderator for the National Junior Honor Society.

Ms. Marta Popiel-Ilevia has won a coveted Diocesan Heart of Work award from the Catholic Foundation and received a check for her services as an outstanding teacher during last week’s Thanksgiving service at Bishop Dunne Catholic School.


Her kindness, love, and consideration for her students are infectious. They all know she loves them because she tells them every day and in many ways. At the same time, she maintains a classroom of perfectly well behaved children because they love and respect her back. She closely watches any academic struggles and, no matter how early or how late, makes herself available to help.


As an English teacher of the ninth grade Ms. Popiel truly shines. Ms. Popiel throws all her energy into providing for her students the best possible environment and the most innovative and enjoyable teaching methods.


Many of her students are new to the school and she goes out of her way to not only welcome them but also to acclimate these students to what at first may seem out-of-reach expectations. By constantly adjusting her course outline to match her students' understanding, she ensures that all her students have a chance to succeed and move on with confidence to the next grade level.


As moderator of the Junior National Honor Society, Ms. Popiel also organizes many activities for the benefit of her community. She is up at the crack of dawn to meet and supervise members for numerous clean-up operations around the school and elsewhere. In spite of the camaraderie and enthusiasm she engenders in her student volunteers, this activity is sometimes hot, dirty, and arduous. But the results are amazing, and the entire community benefits from her cleanup initiatives.


In addition to her unique personality and joyful enthusiasm, Ms. Popiel has much else to share with her students. Her assignments are always designed with the students’ interests in mind, and she adds interest by generously sharing her overseas adventures. Her students thus gain a worldview that is beyond their normal perimeters.


Bishop Dunne feel truly blessed to call Mrs. Popiel a Falcon!


For more information on Bishop Dunne see the school’s website:

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