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Bishop Dunne 8th Grade Boys Basketball Team End Year in Championship Game

At 6’2”, Julius Marble looks like a junior, and plays like a senior, which is a big reason the 8th grade boys’ basketball team finished well this season. Averaging about 15 points per game, he made 16 in the second half of the championship game on March 6, 2015. “I thought we were going to win,” he acknowledged afterwards.

Jalen Drayden played his heart out at the 8th grade DPL Championship basketball game, and says, "We could have won – we should have won. We'd beaten St. Monica's by 15 points a few weeks earlier." His emotional play kept the team in it even as the half time score looked lopsided.
A rally in the second half put the Falcons ahead. But in the last few seconds of the game, Jalen, a lightning-fast point guard, fouled out. "I really stood still, to make sure that wouldn't happen, but got the foul called anyway," he explained. A graduate of St. Philip's Academy, Jaylen has been a ferocious competitor on both the football field and basketball court.
His teammate, Carson Horner, was on the 6th grade team, who two years earlier, made it to the playoffs. Carson's older brother, Collin, class of 2013, knows what it's like to make it to the playoffs – in football – but not advance. Carson said this time it was different. He stated, "We had a real chance to win, and I thought we would." He's determined to bring home a championship – and hopes to play on Junior Varsity for the Falcons next year, skipping right over the freshman squad.
Isaiah Ruffins, who came to Bishop Dunne from The Merrywood School last year, said he never gave up during the game. "I trusted my teammates to help me play my best and win the game," he said. His 12 points did help, along with his years of practice. Both he and Carson have been playing basketball since they were six years old.
Pierce Strong, who came to Bishop Dunne last year from the Dallas Environmental Science Academy, averages about 10 points per game and didn’t disappoint in the championship. “I definitely thought we were going to win,” he said after the game. He looks forward to four more years at Bishop Dunne with four more chances to win a basketball championship.
Middle School Athletic Director Stephen Guerrero was impressed with the final 39 - 37 score, exclaiming, "It was pretty amazing when they were down 12 points at halftime and took the lead in the second half, then lost by one basket - two points.” He added, “I'm looking forward to our next four years!"
Congratulations to the following members of the 2014-2015 Bishop Dunne 8th grade boys basketball team: 

Marquez Beason

Ben Cores

Jalen Drayden

Carson Horner

Julius Marble

Chance Mulligan

Isiah Ruffins

Pierce Strong

Cedric Wilson

A special thanks comes from the team to Coach Horner and Coach Wilson for their season of great drills and practices that all paid off in the end!

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