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Bishop Dunne Senior Catherine Sellers was on the school's Homecoming Court in October 2014. She attributes her interest in volunteering to her mother, Jill.

Bishop Dunne Cheerleading Captain also a Leader in Student Government 

Catherine Anne Scott-Sellers definitely breaks the stereotype of a dumb blonde, and admits, “Nobody knows that I was born with a big head of black hair! Then as I grew up, it became lighter and lighter.”
A huge fan of the game of football, her goal is to spend her professional career on the sidelines as a color commentator - she’s already spent the past seven years on the sidelines.
“I thought cheerleading sounded fun, so tried out when I came here as part of the first 6th grade at Bishop Dunne, and made the squad,” she explains. She cheered on the middle school squad, becoming the captain in the 7th grade and again in the 8th grade, then captain of the freshman squad in 9th grade. She made the varsity squad her sophomore year and was co-captain of the varsity her junior year, and now is captain of the varsity squad in this, her senior year.
She’s applied to five colleges with some pretty impressive football programs: Baylor, TCU, OU, Texas A&M, and SMU. She has been accepted by the first three and is waiting to hear from the last two. Last year she travelled with the squad to perform in New Orleans at the Sugar Bowl, getting a taste of University life. “It was a great experience!” Catherine says.
A graduate of the Merrywood School, she followed her big sister Alexandra, class of 2012 Valedictorian, to Bishop Dunne, and, like her sister, has been taking AP and Pre-AP classes every semester she’s been here.
Born on April 2nd, she’s happy her mother didn’t have her a day earlier, because she’d be spending her life explaining that she’s no joke. A bubbly blonde cheerleader with brains, her personality has landed her in some key student government positions: freshman class President, sophomore class President, Executive Council Treasurer her junior year, and Executive Vice President this year, working alongside President Marcos Acosta. She says, “It’s great working with him because we are really good friends.”
 Her favorite class last semester was government with Mark Clifford, and this semester she’s enjoying anatomy with Ms. Bové. For senior service, she tutored at Mark Twain Elementary helping second graders to learn to read, and that almost changed her mind about her career. “I loved it! I used to want to be a teacher,” she says. “But now I really want to be in Broadcast Journalism.”
The football State Championship sealed the deal for her. “It was so incredibly exciting. I grew up with many of the guys on the team, and to see them come together as a team and win that final game – it was just amazing!” she exclaims. Her friend, Dailen Sutton, her date for the homecoming dance, has just committed to play for the Air Force Academy, and Catherine couldn’t be happier for him.
Until then, she looks forward to helping lead the senior retreat at the end of this month, and tutoring students on Saturday mornings at St. Cecelia’s with the National Honor Society. When she’s not cheering, working or studying, she’s reading a good book. She just finished “Emma,” by Jane Austen.
Emma is also the name of her rescue cat, adopted from Bishop Dunne in her 6th grade year. “Mr. Ratliff found it,” she explains, “and it’s grown up with me.”
So what is the secret of Catherine’s success? Her mother, Jill, is a volunteer at school and Catherine admits, “She’s my little super hero. She’s very involved.” Like mother, like daughter.
Catherine is a perfect example of a Falcon ready to soar.
“I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live.” - Ecclesiastes 3:12

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