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Bishop Dunne's 2014 Homecoming Court.

Bishop Dunne's Homecoming Queen Competing for a National Crown!

Glory Omorowa, Bishop Dunne Homecoming queen for the 2014 season, has two opportunities to potentially win or place in a national competition that highlights the accomplishments of high school homecoming queens across the nation.

Glory will be competing in the America's Homecoming Queen Pageant on April 12, 2015 to be held at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport Marriott 8440 Freeport Pkwy Irving, TX 75063. The competition is by invitation only, and homecoming queens have to apply and be accepted to compete based on their leadership skills, scholarship, service and personality. A panel of judges will choose the winner.

Glory has an opportunity to represent Bishop Dunne on a state level, and receive a college scholarship. Should she win at the state level, she'll move on to compete at the national competition to be held this July in Tennessee.

America's Homecoming Queen Competition began in 1981, and there are two parts to the event. The second competition is done by a voting audience. Anyone who wants to vote for Glory can do so by making a $1 donation per vote, and the funds go to scholarships to be awarded to the winners. Last year Cathryn Leigh Ellis, Miss Kentucky, won this honor, and the first runner up was Miss Texas Samantha McHenry.

If selected as our state's homecoming queen, Glory will receive a trip to the National competition for the chance of being selected the 2015 "America's Homecoming Queen." All travel expenses and hotel accommodations are paid for by the competition. In addition, all state winners who compete in the National Selection will receive a cash tuition scholarship to be paid to the school of their choice by America's Homecoming Queen, Inc. The amount of the scholarship will be determined by how each state's representative places in the National Selection. These scholarships may be used for trade schools as well as colleges and universities.

Since its inception 33 years ago, America's Homecoming Queen, Inc., has awarded over $500,000 in cash tuition scholarships, plus over $1,000,000 in travel and awards.

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More About our Homecoming Queen of 2014

Glory Imuetinyanosa Omorowa has such a long middle name she will spell it for you if you ask. "It's Nigerian, and translates to 'Faith,'" she explains, so she usually just tells people that it's her middle name. Her grandparents were born in Nigeria, as was her mother Ruth, Aunt Peace and Uncle Osagie, but both her younger Uncle Jimmy, and Glory, were born in America.

Glory has grown up in a faith-filled family, but couldn't quite believe her classmates would choose her to be honored at the Homecoming game a week ago. "I just didn't think I was popular enough," says the outgoing senior.

Glory attended Clay Academy on the campus of The Potter's House Church until 7th grade. "The school sort of ends at that point, and I knew a lot of friends were looking at Bishop Dunne for 8th grade and high school," she recalls. But Glory lives within walking distance of Bishop Lynch, so she shadowed there also. "It just wasn't warn and cheerful like Bishop Dunne," she remembers. She felt right at home in the halls here however and knew this was the school for her. Her uncle works close by, so he drives her to school. "I have two uncles whom I'm close to, Osagie and Jimmy, younger brothers of my mother, and my Aunty Peace. I'm blessed to have them in my life," says Glory.

She admits her first day at Dunne was a bit scary, saying, "I was so nervous. I'm naturally an outgoing person. I was lost in the hallways the first few days, and wanted to cry." But she was surrounded by friends from Clay Academy and made new ones. "And I had great teachers. Mr. Hall and Ms. Doan made me feel so special. I just felt a lot of love throughout the school. No reason to cry!" she exclaims.

But if you saw her at half-time of the homecoming game, when her name was called, the tears started flowing. Her Uncle Jimmy escorted her onto the field with her mother, and he was so excited he picked her up to hug her. "It was pretty funny," relates Glory, "he just jumped up and down and then grabbed me and picked me up."

Glory is used to being picked up – and cheering up others. At the Homecoming pep rally last fall her escort, Darrien Daniels, decided to carry her out to the adoring crowd. He was chosen moments later as the Homecoming King. With 33 college offers, and as a leader of the Falcons' undefeated football team, it seemed he was a shoo-in for the honor. He and Glory are friends, and he was her date for the dance the following night.

Glory has been dancing since she was four years old. She joined the Falconettes in her sophomore year, and is the Social Officer this year. She's also a member of the African American Awareness Club, Future Business Leaders of America, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the Sounds of Bishop Dunne Choir. She's been in the choir since the 8thgrade and in all three clubs for all four years of high school. In addition to that involvement, she's a monthly volunteer with the Ronald McDonald House and a regular volunteer at Buckner Children's Home. "We're there to entertain the kids, do skits, and spread the Gospel," she explains.

Glory is an active member of her church's Youth Leadership, and credits God and her single mother with her success. Glory traveled to South Africa with her church when she was in the 6th grade to attend T.D. Jake's "Megafest," and see a school built by another woman known for her success, Oprah Winfrey. "It was an awesome experience, seeing South Africa and touring her boarding school for girls," Glory remembers.

Would she want to emulate Oprah and be a talk show host? "No way!" Glory laughs, "I'm much better behind the scenes, supporting others."

Her Falconette squad has been supporting the football team this season in a big way, with longer and more intricate dances. "We were so excited for Ms. Culton last year when she had twins," Glory says, "and we were blessed to have Ms. Norman step in as our moderator to help us." The squad traveled to Hawaii for competition last semester and competed again in a large TAPPS event in January.

Glory has one more big decision to make: she's been accepted to both UTSA and the University of Houston, and is weighing her options. "I'd like to attend the University of Texas in San Antonio if I had my choice," she says, awaiting word regarding scholarships to both schools. With a 3.5 average, she is excited to attend college in the fall. Her plan is to earn a degree in a field where she can help people. "I love math, science, and history, she says. Mr. Meza's Economics class was my favorite last semester."

Like her mother Ruth, a counselor at Metrocare and owner of her private practice, Glory hopes to help others in the mental health field. Until that day, she'll be performing on the football field with her Falconette squad, smiling and dancing in sync with her drill teammates, cheerfully performing for the Falcon crowd, dazzling the audience with a glorious smile.

"Through him we have obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God." Romans 5:2

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