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A Bishop Dunne Football State Championship yard sign still stands proudly after a night of high winds, sleet and snow. Although the campus is closed today, Bishop Dunne students are still learning on line.

Snow Days Are Still “Know Days” at Bishop Dunne

Bishop Dunne held classes on both “snow days” of Monday February 23, 2015, and Tuesday, February 24, 2015, by going online to learn. Monday was a “blue” schedule day, and Tuesday a “red” day, so students had assignments from all eight of their classes to work on and complete at home. Today, the third snow day in two weeks, the students are learning again - it's a "red" schedule day and students and teachers are logged in and working.

Bishop Dunne has been an “online” school since 2009, which means most classes don't have traditional textbooks, allowing students to access their classwork from anywhere the Internet is - which is basically everywhere. 

Principal Molly O'Sullivan said, "The integration of different technologies, including e-books, has made switching to online curriculum seamless. Students regularly communicate with teachers electronically and have access to all course information through the learning management system. Online curriculum is a natural fit to keep students on pace without losing momentum.”

Mario D. Root, Dean of Academics explains, “Our online program is yet another way in which we prepare our students for the future. Traditional snow days tend to create an unplanned break from school, requiring teachers and students to re-start when they return. We don't have to deal with overcoming this break in the academic calendar, as the students and teachers remain engaged."

Both students and teachers love not having to extend the school year beyond the official “last day” of school, and note that working on classwork online can be pretty comfortable: no uniforms are needed, so learning in the warmth of their homes can be achieved in T-shirts and jeans, or even pajamas!

NOTE: The DPL 8th grade Boys' Basketball Championship game originally scheduled for tonight has been postponed.  

For more information on Bishop Dunne see the school’s website:  or contact Charleen Doan,

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