My first memory of chocolate is in the morning at my childhood home in Mexico. I see myself sipping sweet, hot Frontera chocolate, wearing my first communion dress and having that sense of joy and elation one feels when living an event that doesn’t repeat in life.

In Mexico, it is customary to serve hot chocolate in weddings, first communions, baptisms and when a child is born.

On those special days, friends and relatives gather around the table, and the family’s best tableware is set. In the middle of the table is a basket covered with a hand-embroidered napkin that conceals the assortment of freshly baked breads with poetic and colorful names, such as concha (sea shell), cuerno (horn), or hojaldras (puff pastry meaning also a thousand leaves) or cochinitos (little pigs).

As soon as the chocolate is poured into the cups, and people start sipping the rich softness of it, a sense of joy and closeness fills the room because the family is sharing their happiness.

Stop in and discover the joy of chocolate!


Cocoandre Chocolatier
831 West Davis Street
Dallas, TX  75208
Bishop Arts District
Oak Cliff