Ida y Vuelta / Flamenco Fever @ Poor David's Pub



Central Standard Time



Poor David's Pub
1313 Botham Jean Boulevard
Dallas, Texas 75215

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 Flamenco Fever presents Singer/Guitarist Mariano Manzella from Argentina and a brand new cast of Dancers performing in Dallas!  


In an evening of authentic LIVE flamenco 3 musicians and 6 dancers in an enthralling evening of flamenco at its finest.The cast includes life-long dancers Jhon “El Nino” from Caracas. Venezuela and Andrea Prieto from Sevilla, Spain. In a series of music numbers, solos and group dances, the team will present an evening of percussive footwork, mesmerizing music and dazzling costuming. The intimate venue promises great sound and that none of the intensity or talent will be lost. Every drop of sweat and the fascinating communication between musicians and dancers will be illustrated the way only LIVE flamenco can. 


The proceeds from this show will help raise money for Flamenco Fever’s coveted invitation to produce an entire concert in the Seminario de Flamenco in Malaga, Spain this Summer. Come and show your support as they embark on the journey of a lifetime to represent the US in the flamenco’s country of origin!

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