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Oaxaca Interests is proceeding with its plans to develop the block along Sylvan  between I30 and Fort Worth Avenue. Demolition of the properties began on Tuesday, Dec. 14th at 4 pm. The first property to be demolished was the county maintenance facility at the intersection of Sylvan and Fort Worth Avenue. 

Mission Motel

The Mission Motel is currently undergoing transformation as mixed-use live/work spaces. Amanda Cross and Victor Balas are redeveloping the units to be 500-, 600-, and 800-square-feet units ideal for small start-up businesses. 

Dallas West Mobile Home & RV Park 

Dallas West Mobile Home & RV park will be adding some vendor trailers along its Commerce Street frontage. Developer Monte Anderson, working on behalf of Cienda Partners, will be installing eight trailers.

Continental Gateway

Once the first Calatrava bridge is complete (expected to be October 2011), the Continental bridge will be closed for improvement and revitalization. While this renovation is taking place, the city hopes to begin construction on a gateway project.

Beckley-Commerce Intersection

The redesign of the Commerce Street/Beckley Avenue intersection continues. Community meetings have taken place with the City Design Studio presenting the WRT design to local stakeholders. A couple of obstacles remain before final redesign plans and construction can take place.


The City, DART, and NTCOG are working diligently towards having all of their ducks in a row to meet the Tiger Grant requirements for the $23-million-dollar federal grant by mid December of this year.

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