MARCH 17, 2012


Overview and Project Goals

The Ft Worth Ave Development Group is seeking an artist or team of artists to create a site-specific work in the burgeoning area on Commerce/Ft. Worth Ave between Eastus and Hardwick Streets. Our goal is to support the ingenuity and DIY spirit of the area, and to encourage street life and pride along Fort Worth Avenue. Re-purposed warehouses and Airstream trailers are laying the ground for vibrant street life to return to the Ave, and engaging public art will help catalyze the public to understand and embrace
these changes.


Re-Use: Artists are encouraged to make use of recycled, re-used, and re-defined materials in keeping with the spirit of the incremental redevelopment of the neighborhood.  

Utility: The art is not required to fill a utilitarian role, but projects which fill a secondary purpose (shade, seating, bike parking, etc) are strongly encouraged.

- The installation(s) will be placed on private property along Ft Worth Ave in the area between Eastus and Hardwick Streets. The business owners in this area have agreed to host work on their property, and submissions can be situated in any of the areas listed below.
- Owners will not vote on selection, but will approve any installation on their property.
- The owners of the Foundry/Chickenscratch, the Mission Motel, the Dallas West Retail Trailers, and Butch McGregor’s warehouses and open space on the north side of the street have all signed on to this project. 

-The project budget is $6000. This amount is to cover materials, supply, labor, and installation costs.

View the attached PDF's for further details and information.

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