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The Dallas City Council on September 11th unanimously passed a thoroughfare plan amendment for Fort Worth Avenue.  The illustration shows the proposed conceptual design for the roadway configuration for the entire 3.5 miles of the West Commerce/Fort Worth Avenue corridor from Beckley to Westmoreland.  Proposed are four 11-foot lanes of vehicular traffic, a 14-foot median, an 8-foot parallel parking space on both sides of the street, a 7-sidewalk on both sides of the street (this all in the 100 feet of right-of-way--any additional sidewalk width required by the PD in certain districts will have to be outside the ROW), a two-way, 8-foot bicycle track on the south side of the roadway with 2 feet allowed for physical separation, and 1 foot on each side for curb space.  All added up equals 100 feet of ROW. 


The work on the entire corridor is projected to cost about $10 million, and the work is expected to occur in phases.  Unutilized funds from a previous bond program is available to start a first phase from Sylvan to Pittman (Belmont to Chicken Scratch).  Under the best case scenario, results would be seen sometime in 2015.