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This Saturday afternoon and evening, Lucky Dog Books at 633 W. Davis St will be the venue for two very different authors with 2 very different tales straight out of Texas.

One fictional, and the other crossing paths with one of Dallas' most well known characters of the past tieing in to the recent marking of the events of November 22nd and the following days, fifty years ago.

Dallas author Ann Fields will start things off at 3pm reading from and signing copies of her recent release Fuller's Curse which relates the suspenseful and sometimes horrific unexpected consequences of innocently delving into the past 150 years of a cursed family in the this region of Texas, and a woman's courage to see it through.

Ms. Fields will also lead a Holiday Scavenger Hunt in the bookstore that will be based on a scene from Fuller's Curse. To see several reviews of her intriguing novel, see this Amazon listing .

And then at 6:30pm, authors Nancy Myers (aka Tammi True) and David Hopkins will celebrate the release of THE WILD AND WAYWARD TALES OF TAMMI TRUE! with a book signing and Q&A moderated by Josh Rose .

From Catholic school to the juvenile court system, from Jack Ruby's noisy club in Dallas to a quiet farm in the country, Nancy’s life is wondrous and wayward, hilarious and heartfelt. Here it is, her world in her own words—in and out of the spotlight, and ready for an encore.

“Tammi True is the ultimate Texan burlesque queen with big hair and big attitude. Nobody can turn you on and make you laugh quite like Tammi.” - Ginger Valentine, co-producer, director of Ruby Revue

“Using the glamorous backdrop of Dallas in 1963, Tammi True brings the truth about Jack Ruby and the JFK assassination to a whole new generation. It is a must read story!” - Katie Dunn, director, producer of True Tales: JFK. 1963. EXPOSED

So, if you'd like a little different take on the times that led up to the recently memorialized events, this may be for you.

This Lucky Dog Books location is very near a wealth of eateries, so come meet Ann Fields and her tale of family history at 3, enjoy a leisurely meal in the neighborhood, and come back at 6:30 for some Dallas history from Tammi True and David Hopkins.

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