Joyce Lehe – Guest Contributor
Apr 24 @ 09:50
Free PAD Screening



Central Standard Time



Elmwood-El Buen Samaritano Methodist Church Fellow
1315 Berkley Ave
Dallas, Texas 75224

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Longview of Artery Getting Blocked

Register now for Free PAD Screening THIS Saturday!   
(844) 558 -0957   

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) causes Strokes, Heart Attacks, & Amputations! FREE Health test for Anyone 50 + years old. Invite parents, relatives, friends!  

Get medical documents for your doctor. A physician there will approve each of us for the test. No needles, etc. Don't wear pantyhose.  :-)

If you had trouble registering, please try again. (I've been working to improve registration process.)

This Saturday, 04/28,  
9 - 4:30  
Oak Cliff, Elmwood, ALL Welcome!

Elmwood-El Buen Samaritano UMC Church 
1315 Berkley Ave. Dallas, 75224