Joyce Lehe – Guest Contributor
Aug 12 @ 17:47
Toastmasters Oak Cliff



Central Standard Time



Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce
1001 N. Bishop
Dallas, Texas

Come vitalize Toastmasters in  Oak Cliff!   Thur. Aug 16,  6: 30 - 8 pm. Chamber of Commerce, 1001 N. Bishop. Come support Oak Cliff with this Educational and Public Speaking Skills organization.   & Hint:  Promote Oak Cliff!      :-)

Many people fear public speaking, which can depress rates of job hiring, college graduation, promotions.  (Great opportunity for New Teachers! )

 Research on a common statement:
"And at a primal level, the fear is so great because we are not merely afraid of being embarrassed, or judged.  We are afraid of being rejected from the social group, ostracized and left to defend ourselves all on our own.  We fear ostracism still so much today it seems, fearing it more than death, because not so long ago getting kicked out of the group probably really was a death sentence."
 See you Thursday, 6:30p.