Joyce Lehe – Guest Contributor
Nov 8 @ 12:31 pm
DAS @ Holiday Bazar



Central Standard Time



Annual HOLIDAY BAZAAR Expands w/ DAS
1220 Newport Ave. 75224
Dallas, Texas 75224

Jelly & Jams! Yum! Saturday + DAS
I just finished canning BLACKBERRY JELLY for Saturday Holiday Bazaar! Already have ORGANIC APPLE BUTTER, STRAWBERRY JAM, STRAWBERRY TOPPING, TAMARIND SPREAD "Tamarindo".  If you want a Home Made (My Home :-) LASAGNA, pm me asap!
You didn't know that I was Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow State Finalist, 1969! Lots of other Goodies await you, Some are edible & some are not! @ 1220 Newport Av. 75224 Saturday 9th. 8:30 -2 !
Even DAS is coming to distribute coupons & have a Doggie to Adopt!