Whither Goest Thou America: Festival of New Plays



Central Standard Time



Undermain Theatre
3200 Main St
Dallas, Texas 75226

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a love offering  by Jonathan Norton 4/12/18 – 4/15/18

T’Wana Jepson has been bit before. And scratched. And kicked. And punched. And called every dirty word in the book. But so has her coworker and play-mama, Miss Georgia. It comes with the territory as a nurse’s aide caring for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia. You learn to not take it personally and to lean on your co-workers for support. But after T’Wana is attacked by the patient in E 204, something happens that threatens the bonds of trust and friendship. A timely and compelling play by Jonathan Norton.

*Actor/director talkback – Thursday, April 12th

* Post show discussion with Jonathan Norton Saturday April 14th


THE LIGHT COLLECTORS by Blake Hackler 4/19/18 – 4/22/18

Esther's quiet Brighton Beach existence is upended when a mysterious woman arrives at her door. It seems Esther's sister, Laila, has been kidnapped by a dybbuk, who's taking people's stories. Soon Esther is on her way to Japan to do battle with the dybbuk and her past. And she's going to bring Laila home, no matter the cost. A metaphysical mystery by Blake Hackler.

*Actor/director talkback – Thursday, April 19th

*Post show discussion with Blake Hackler Saturday, April 21st


VISIBLE FROM FOUR STATES by Barbara Hammond 4/26/18 – 4/29/18

A small American town argues over whether to put a cross or a cellphone tower on its only hilltop — as the local prison warden struggles with his friendship with a young man on death row. Visible from Four States sits at the modern crossroads of belief and communication, where an individual man carries the moral burden of a nation. Barbara Hammond deftly weaves the familiar into the profoundly new in this brilliant and compelling script.

*Actor/director talkback – Thursday, April 26th

*Post show discussion with Barbara Hammond on Saturday, April 28th


HOW IS IT THAT WE LIVE OR SHAKEY JAKE + ALICE  by Len Jenkin 5/3/18 – 5/6/18

Shakey Jake + Alice traces the poetic arc of the lives of two lovers through the years from first kiss to last goodbye and everything in between. On the road, in an indelible American landscape, longtime Undermain collaborator Len Jenkin explores the psyches of life-long partners to answer the question, “How is it that we live?”

*Actor/director talkback – May 3rd

*Post show discussion with Len Jenkin on Saturday, May 5th