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Matthew Cobb

Soon, visitors of the Oak Cliff Cultural Center will be able to get coffee and a meal while enjoying everything the location has to offer.

Guillaumes' Gourmet Cafe is opening in the center and will be serving menu items including fresh salads, pepper jack turkey sandwiches and chicken and cheddar-potato-bacon soup, according to an Oak Cliff People report. The cafe will also have a full-service coffee bar.

Saul Williams, the cafe's chef, said he wants the eatery to have a bistro/coffeehouse atmosphere and there will be at least two bistro tables and chairs for visitors who want to dine in.

"We did some renovating to make it more eye-appealing," Williams said. "With an art gallery and a studio, you gotta have some attitude. I had the concept of a little cafe, grab-and-go, but it had to have personality."

The Cultural Center has an art gallery and multi-purpose studio, and it features a variety of art and cultural expereiences. The center is located at 223 W. Jefferson Blvd., Dallas.

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