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The end of August signifies the beginning of a new school-year routine.  Concerning lunch box items, this routine often becomes habitual and boring.  Though a lunchtime favorite for kids nationwide, an every day peanut butter and jelly sandwich could easily become a monotonous mid-day meal to your child. 

The Tamale Company, however, plans to revise the traditional PB&J lunch box makeup.  The Oak Cliff-based company, offering specialty tamales for sale, has created a how-to YouTube video giving advice on creating an interesting and healthy lunch, just in time for the first day of class.  The video, entitled “Tamale Lunch Box,” suggests a meal consisting of The Tamale Company’s tamales, accompanied by items such as rice, beans, cheese cubes and healthy fruits and vegetables with salsa or ranch dressing. 

The Tamale Company not only provides a tasty alternative to school lunches, but a healthy one as well.  Each of the company’s five varieties of tamale (Black Bean & Corn, Chicken Tomatillo, Ancho Chili Pork, 4 Cheese & Jalapeno and Bar-B-Que Beef) are lard and gluten-free.  A boil-in-a-bag cooking concept offers a simple preparation for the product. 

In addition to individual sales, The Tamale Company offers a tamale cart, available for rental for parties and events with the option of two flavors of tamales and sauces, all distributed by a Tamale Company employee.

Remember those fundraising books with items for sale such as wallpaper and tacky gifts?  Forget them, because The Tamale Company has created a fundraising program for its products, useful for organizations like school groups, sports teams and churches.  Frozen tamales are delivered within a week for a quick turn-around.  Additional fundraising opportunities include the option of selling The Tamale Company products in event concession stands.

The Tamale Company provides simple, healthy and fun alternatives to every-day meals.  Check out The Tamale Company’s website for nutritional information and fundraising options.

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