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Before products like Mountain Dew and Sierra Mist were introduced to the American beverage market, soda staples such as Dublin Dr. Pepper and sarsaparilla drinks were popular throughout the country.  The Soda Gallery gives you an opportunity to find those vintage sodas that take you back to simpler times.

Located in the Bishop Arts District of Oak Cliff, The Soda Gallery, owned by Tony Font and Robert Gutierrez, provides customers with a wide variety of sodas and a nostalgic feeling as they search the shop for their favorite sodas.

The Soda Gallery

Opening over five years ago on June 2, 2006, The Soda Gallery has garnered the attention of customers throughout the nation for its wide variety of classic and hard-to-find sodas.  The shop has even been featured in Southern Living magazine, an accomplishment Font says still brings him business. 

For those that may not live within driving distance of The Soda Gallery, don’t think you can’t enjoy old-fashioned sodas as well.  Font says that the company will ship anywhere within the contiguous 48 states.  While the company specializes in regional and national soda brands, The Soda Gallery imports sodas from international locations, too.  According to Font, the farthest place the shop has imported items from is Australia.

Though The Soda Gallery prides itself on its national recognition, the store gets a lot of satisfaction in knowing that it supports the local community as well.  A resident of Oak Cliff, Font is fond of the connections he’s created within the neighborhood.  The community isn’t just where his residence.  It’s his livelihood, and Font makes it a priority to support his local community financially.  “This is where I live and where I like to spend my money,” he says.

In addition to its soda sales, the shop also acts as an art gallery, featuring work from local artists throughout the community.  Font says that about once a month, the store showcases a new artist.  Currently, The Soda Gallery is hosting the work Robb Conover. 

The Soda Gallery

The Soda Gallery focuses on 1950s pop art-related artists, keeping with the vintage theme of the shop.  The retro décor has made The Soda Gallery a destination for photo shoots, and has become an increasingly popular location for couples to have engagement photos taken.

In addition to its wall art, The Soda Gallery has created a vintage soda showcase in an unexpected location—the bathroom.  Covered in a collage of old-fashioned soda labels, photos and posters, Font labels the space as “the most photographed bathroom in Dallas.”  He includes that during engagement photo shoots, couples have even taken photos in the quirky bathroom.

The shop isn’t intended for retail purposes only.  For lovers of sodas, The Soda Gallery is available for birthday parties.  Font says that the store has held kids’ birthday parties and adult parties, and has even hosted a Halloween party.  If you’re looking for a fun place to hold an event, check out the store, as it’s sure to be an entertaining venue.

The Soda Gallery

The store has a lounge area, complete with table games and a large seating area, making it the perfect place to relax and socialize with family or friends.  A sidewalk setup of tables and chairs allows customers and locals to congregate at the shop. 

Font wants customers to feel welcome in the space, something The Soda Gallery does well. “We love our customers and want them to feel at home,” he says.

If you’re craving a Mexican Coke or another vintage soda, head to The Soda Gallery in the Bishop Arts District.  A refreshing sip of your favorite soda will make the trip to Oak Cliff worthwhile.

The Soda Gallery is located at 408 North Bishop Avenue in Oak Cliff.  

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