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A serious car crash ten years ago nearly killed Lauren Medel.

She survived, but suffered a brain injury which changed the course of her life.

A native Texan, Lauren was born at St. David’s hospital, in downtown Austin. Her family moved to Scottsdale Arizona, where Lauren grew up with identical twins Aya and Keighsie Huffman she also has half-siblings Tammy, Dixie, Robbie and Lisa from her father’s first wife and then Matt and Andy from her father’s second wife and step brothers Ben, Joseph and James.

With all these siblings, it’s no wonder Lauren knew what she wanted to be when she grew up: “In charge!” she says with a laugh. Her career goal is even bigger: to be POTUS, President of the United States, “and now that I’m 35, I’m finally old enough!”

Lauren attended Chaparral High School in Scottsdale, AZ, class of 2000, then went on to Scottsdale Community College where she received her Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Business. Next came Arizona State University where she received her BAS in Political Science and Communications, and after that she attended Western International University, to get her MBA. As if that wasn’t enough education, she went on to St. Mary’s School of Law, to receiver her JD (doctor of Law) degree.

Along the way she met Brandon Medel, a landscaper, when her niece and half sister introduced them. Lauren explains, “My half-sister knew this playboy and wondered what kind of woman could tame him. She figured it would take someone strong, so immediately thought: Lauren!” Her niece invited Brandon to join her at an event Lauren would be at, “and then she made some comment she knew I’d call him out on. The rest is history.”

Married on New Years’ Day in 2011, the happy couple will soon celebrate their 6th anniversary. They’re raising their son, Noah Jack, a 6th grader at Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy, and daughter Liberty-Dale, a four-year-old.

Coming from the struggle of a divorced, destructive, abusive home, Lauren grew up with a real sense of justice and right and wrong. She feels blessed to have both the intelligence and good luck to be academically strong.

“I feel I have an onus to help others seek justice,” she says, “and I LOVE showing ‘the man’ that little people matter too!”

She is also extremely patriotic. “I love America almost more than I love my own children--see my daughter’s name—but I knew I could never be in the military, so I figured lawyering was the next best thing.”

Her goal is to provide peace of mind to all her clients.
I think it’s important for my clients to know there’s an advocate out there who is FIGHTING FOR YOU, from planning your estate to minimize tax burden to taking a tenant to court. What people don’t realize is that having an attorney helps to even the playing field.”

Lauren says all her clients and cases are interesting. If things get tense she uses yoga to help center and calm her, and sometimes, she says, “My kids will join me. When they join me its less peaceful but way more fun.”

When she’s not working, or doing Yoga with her kids, she can be found volunteering. Lauren is the coach of a high school mock trial team at Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy. She’s also a member of committees and the general board of the Tx BAIC (Brain Injury counsel), and she doas work for Disability Rights, Texas. She does a lof of pro- and low-bono work, helping others as needed for no or very little pay.

“I really enjoy helping these groups,” Lauren says. “Access to justice is a huge concern for me.”

She remembers how hard it was when she was disabled and suffered a brain injury in that serious car accident over a decade ago, and knows it is hard to be handicapped in America. She learned from this worst time in her life how to help others who can’t help themselves. She says confidently, “All Problems have solutions.”

Lauren’s solution is to work hard for those who need her, to make the world a better place for all.

To learn more about Lauren, contact her at or see her website:

Or see her website:


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