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Savannah Charlie Flores wants to make the world a more beautiful place.

Born and raised in Dallas, she began drawing when she was in kindergarten. Her teacher noticed how well she could draw, and praised her work. Sarah knew she was good at coloring, but didn’t realize her free-hand sketching was exceptional.

So, when her teacher said she had natural talent, she was surprised—and thrilled. Although her teacher married, had a child and left teaching to become a stay-at-home mother, Savannah credits Mrs. Wolsfeld with prompting her career.

The oldest of five girls, Savannah often drew for fun. As she learned to read it became her other passion. Now whenever she has free time, she’s either immersed in a book, like “Enders Game,” which she is currently reading, or drawing, or painting--beautiful girls. She can use a plethora of mediums, from acrylic to water color to pencils and oil paints.

“I like to draw and paint so that the girls’ beauty comes from the inside,” she says. She adds roses and other colorful flowers to her pictures because she loves their colors. Her favorite is pink, and that may be due to brainwashing, because of all the girls in her family.

Savannah transferred in the 4th grade from Reconciliation Academy, a DISD Charter school located on the corner of Bryan and Peak Street, into St. Elizabeth’s of Hungary on Hampton Drive, at the suggestion of her Uncle Daniel. He said her Catholic Faith would be strengthen by attending the nearly-60-year-old school, which opened in 1958. Her family also attends Sunday Mass at St. Elizabeth’s of Hungary Church.

Her sisters Sarah, 11, and Gabriella, four, also attend St. Elizabeth’s, with three- year-old Isabella slated to attend the pre-K class in the fall. Seven-month-old Katherine must wait a few years.

Savannah couldn’t be happier than where she is now. She says the school feels like a family. She likes all her teachers and especially her Art teacher, Ms. Green, and Principal Mrs. Dzurilla, who is also a proud graduate from St. Elizabeth’s.

“Everyone here is so supportive and friendly,” says Savannah, a straight-A student. “I know I’ll miss everyone when I graduate and go on to high school.” Her favorite class this year is Social Studies, and she dreams of one day becoming a criminal attorney, while continuing to paint and draw on the side.

With excellent grades and a natural talent for art, she hopes to attend Ursuline Academy on Walnut Hill Lane for high school. That would be a longer trip to school than she currently makes, but Savannah is determined to be the best she can be, to honor her parents, Virginia and Eric, and be a good example to her four younger siblings.

She has four more months of school before she takes the next big step in her life. That gives her plenty of time to create a few more colorful pieces of art to help make the world a more beautiful place.


St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic School is having an Open House from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 8, 2017. The school has classes from pre-k3 to 8th grade. The public is invited to come tour the school and meet the exceptional faculty and staff. For more information, see the school’s website

Or contact:

Sandy Walkley, Administrative Assistant
(214) 331-5139 x21