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Ray Switzer's Winnetka Heights home is decked out with patriotic bunting for the Fourth of July.

Winnetka Heights is working to bring back the bunting, and not the baseball variety.

Carol Galloway Hagler and a few of her fellow Winnetka Heights residents are organizing an effort to adorn as many homes as possible with bunting. While the patriotic fabric fans are often seen around election time, Hagler hopes to have the historic homes awash in them this Independence Day.

It all started last June when Hagler and a few neighbors took a trip to New Hampshire. Rob Romano, who restores homes throughout Winnetka Heights, was keen to look for historic neighborhoods for inspiration. 

"We loved all the bunting that we saw all over the area and knew it would look great here," Hagler said. "The four of us bought the bunting when we returned and posted pictures of our homes with the bunting on Facebook." 

From there, more and more neighbors bought bunting and posted photos of their historic homes adorned with the colorful flags. 

"My sister even posted her house in Houston with bunting," Hagler joked. "It was just something fun to beautify the neighborhood and much easier than getting everyone to put up Maypoles like the same neighbors saw when we toured Austria two years earlier."

Several residents have already purchased bunting and are working to get it hung before the Fourth of July. Phillip Granderson, a manager at Kohls, says bunting is available and in stock. As of today, Ray Switzer said that was a reliable place to purchase bunting that won't turn into a mess come Independence Day.

Want to work to bring back bunting to Winnetka Heights? Post photos of your decked-out home on the Facebook group.