Two TSCA freshmen, Hannah Johnson and Lauren Pena, have been selected to participate in the inaugural Storytellers Without Borders program. During the eight-week program, Hannah and Lauren will have the opportunity to work alongside librarians and journalists, learning how to create compelling, journalistic stories.

During their weekly breakout sessions, they will learn about writing, interviewing, editing, and publishing digital media. Both girls said that while they’re not considering journalism as a career at this point, they are anticipated a big improvement to their writing skills. Lauren is most excited about creating an article about a person of her choice, and the possibility of being published in the Dallas Morning News.

The program leaders will bring in journalists and columnists from the Dallas Morning News, along with public officials, including Mayor Mike Rawlings. At the end of the program, Hannah and Lauren have the opportunity to present their work at the Dallas Book Festival and the Dallas Festival of Ideas. 

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