Joyce Lehe – Guest Contributor
Sep 5 @ 9:26 am

Local Contributions.    Elmwood-El Buen Samaritano (EEBS) Church has served Oak Cliff & area since 1939. Below are many of EEBS services to our Community in the past 2 or 3 years; please read the list. Pandemic eliminated our annual Garage Sale fundraiser. Twice we applied for a federal grant/loan but the funds were already gone. We hope that you will help us continue to provide services for our area residents and Donate in the Neighborhood. We can accept checks or electronically.

Elmwood-El Buen Samaritano Church 1315 Berkley Ave. Dallas, TX 75224 .           Using ZELLE, our EEBS phone number is 214 –339 –4112, and our email is              Please share this request.

* Artery Disease Screening, 76 Area Residents        * CPR -First Aid- AED Training, 56 Area Residents      * First Aid Kits, over 200 to Area Residents                    * Fire Extinguishers, 75 to Area Residents             * Blood Pressure Monitors, 8 to Area Residents         * Election Polling Location for Decades                             * Safety Retreat for local Elementary School                    * Elementary School Community Council         * Crime Watch: 60 Signs for Neighborhood & surrounding * Crime Watch Meetings & Newsletters          * Heart, Nutrition & Diabetes Health Information by RN, @ Garage Sale & Christmas Bazaar                         * Domestic Violence Outreach 1.800. 799. SAFE

* Suicide Prevention Awareness 1-800-273-8255 English & Spanish, 24 - 7                       * Lunches to Go, for Adults & Children Over 2,000 to Area Residents * Food Resources Coordination                  * After School & Summer Programs, Hundreds of Students                      * Adult English Classes                           * English-learning materials distributed in community             * Elmwoof Park: “Blessing of the Animals”            * Elmwoof Preparation: rake & bag with Carolyn * Elmwoof Gardens establishment & maintenance               * Operation Beautification, City of Dallas, 3 years * Establish & Maintain several Pollinator Flowerbeds * Neighborhood Fall Fest, paid Park rental

This is the Church with the steeple in the movie  "Born on the 4th of July"   :-)    Thank you  & God Bless You