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Bargain book hunters rejoice! Almost all of North Texas' general used bookstores are having a sale this weekend. The percentage discount varies, but is at least 20 percent off at all of these.
Half Price Books is having its annual Memorial Day Sale at all of its locations.
Recycled Books, in its wonderful downtown Denton building, is having its 30th Anniversary Sale this weekend.

And Lucky Dog Books and Paperbacks Plus, which had just had an internet-based "Flash Sale" last weekend, and was considering reprising it this weekend since many folks missed the original, decided upon seeing these other events that it would join the book party this weekend with a full blown Re-Flash Sale of their own for everyone.

One consideration for Lucky Dog Books was not to step on the toes, so to speak, of Recycled Books celebration. Owner John Tilton stated, "We respect what they do there and want to honor and support their celebration of this historic event for them and their readers."

So, Lucky Dog Books and Paperbacks Plus are making a special offer to encourage everyone to make a purchase at the sale at Recycled Books. Shop there during the sale and save your receipt. Bring it to either of these sponsoring bookstores anytime after these sales are over, and they will give you $5 off any used purchase as a way of helping pay the gas to Denton.
Also, they have created a Facebook event they are calling the Long Weekend Book Bash Tour to encourage folks who like bargains on not just books, but all the other goodies that stores like these have including movies and music at great prices even when they aren't having a sale, to make a tour of several of the shops involved. A couple of sample itinerary maps are shown.

It's a great time to stock up for summer reading, watching and listening. Take the tour!