Some of you may have noticed a missing neighborhood voice in your BubbleLife newsletter.

After years of welcoming their voice to BubbleLife, People Newspapers, which publishes Park Cities People, Preston Hollow People and Oak Cliff People, and its corporate parent, D Magazine Partners, Inc., have asked us to remove their content feeds from BubbleLife publications. We have complied with the request.

While “parting is such sweet sorrow,” the loss of relevant neighborhood news is truly a sad event.

In this era of corporate cutbacks by large media organizations, BubbleLife is out to save neighborhood news, and we like to feature as many neighborhood voices in our publications as we can.

We accomplish this task three ways:

1. Original content. Our neighborhood reporters find and write stories on interesting people and places often ignored by larger media, making hometown news the priority.

2. Content curation. The big city may contain eight million stories, but our neighborhood editors select only news links from other sources that are relevant, impactful and have news value for the neighborhood. We share these stories by sending readers back to the original site to better showcase this content.

3. Convenient community.  Being busy shouldn’t be misconstrued as disinterest in what’s happening in the neighborhood. But it also shouldn’t require a master’s degree to connect with others in the community, so we provide Facebook-type tools to do it easily.

Call it what you will—common interest, sharing the same future, all in it together—the place where we share life is where we live, our neighborhood. BubbleLife has made access easy: we’re free, convenient and you can unsubscribe at any time.

At BubbleLife, news for the neighborhood is what we do. That won’t change just because someone takes their ball and goes home.  Although, come to think of it—that’s part of life in the neighborhood.

Saffie Farris