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A view of the Oak Cliff store, courtesy of Lucky Dog Books' Facebook page.

As we wrap up our year-long 40th Anniversary Celebration with the Fourth & Final Chapter, Lucky Dog Books and Paperbacks Plus will give an extra 10 percent “Thank You” discount on every purchase for the rest of November to any customer who has an account from trading in books, DVDs & CDs over the years at any of our general used bookstores. 

This “Thank You” discount can be combined with our recent offer of $5 off on the first purchase for any customer setting up a trade-in account for the first time.

So, it’s a great time to get started bringing used books, movies and music to the bookstores to recycle, paying for up to 50 percent of your purchases anytime with the store credit generated from the value of your stuff, and enjoying this extra discount as well for the rest of this Thanksgiving month.

As an example, one could select items that had a new value of about $30 and end up paying only about $1.75 plus tax if one brought things to trade in of about the same value, and set up a new account.

A customer’s trade-in account need not have a current balance to be eligible. If there has ever been a balance, or if one is created now, it still applies.

The bookstores have offered a similar “Thank You” discount in November for most of our 40 years as a way of giving thanks in a tangible way to and for the folks who have been willing to bring their books, movies and music to the stores over the years creating the wonderful selections of inexpensive reading, viewing and listening pleasure that have graced our shelves enabling us all to afford more of what we love.

For more information, please see our website or call 214-827-4860.


Lucky Dog Books

10801 Garland Road, Dallas, Texas 75218  214-827-4860

633 W. Davis Street, Dallas, Texas  75208   214-941-2665

Paperbacks Plus

108 E. Davis Street, Mesquite, Texas  75149  972-285-8661

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