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       Red Hot Flamenco Here in Dallas-Fort Worth 

Grand Finale - Saturday, October 28 starring Paco de Andrea


The 9th annual Oak Cliff Flamenco Festival closes with a Grand Finale this Saturday, October 28 starring Paco de Andrea, direct from Spain. The performance will highlight the the mesmerizing musical and dance arts of southern Spain.  will feature 8 artists direct from Spain who will take the audience on a journey through a wide range of emotions, from the elegant and joyous "Alegrias" to "Siguiriyias," the dance of death. An all-star cast of dancers and musicians will take the stage in an intimate setting that suits the art from so well.  Up close and personal is the best way to see the intricacies of flamenco foot work and guitar. Producer Julia Alcantara  boasts a 25-year career in top quality flamenco productions and her nonprofit Flamenco Fever is at the helm of this incredible line up. 

Tickets to events at

 Grand Finale

 Saturday, October 28 at 8:00 p.m.Shows at 7 and 9pm

 Edison’s, 1724 Cockrell Ave, Dallas 75215


About Flamenco Fever

The mission of Flamenco Fever is to create and sustain a flamenco community in Dallas through high quality educational activities and public performances, so residents of high need neighborhoods of the city can learn about, participate in, have regular access to and enjoy this important legacy of Latinx art and Culture. Flamenco is so expensive to produce, it is often only seen in exclusive theaters that only certain demographics can afford. This is ironic and unfortunate, in that an art form the downtrodden have used for centuries to work through oppression, has been put into venues where the people who need it the most, cannot afford to see it or participate. Flamenco Fever brings the art form out of the theater and makes it accessible to everyone, with almost 100 shows a year and subsidized classes and workshop


About Julia Alcántara has brought the best of flamenco music and dance to North Texas since 1998. She is a native Texan who has performed in more than 90 cities nationally. Ms.Alcántara is a native Texan who began studying the art of flamenco after graduating from high school. Ida y Vuelta Flamenco is Dallas' Premier flamenco dance company producing over 60 shows a year with the requisite live music. Director, Julia Alcántara is a native Texan who attended the renowned 'National Institute She receives rave reviews in DMagazine, the Dallas Morning News and are often televised on shows like Good Morning Texas.

She recently was honored to be the first American Flamenco Company to be invited to present an entire full length production in Spain.  This Summer she presented her life’s work at the Festival Flamenco de Malaga as the United as the invited country. Her academy hosts and presents world-class dancers, singers, and musicians who train students in month-long residencies twice a year.  Contemporary music/choreography add culture and excitement to any event. She choreographed “Bolero” for the Irving Symphony’s “Dallas Treasures” concert. She has produced an array of events bring flamenco to numerous restaurants, open air spaces, and performing arts venues across the Dallas-Fort Worth area including the Bishop Arts District and Deep Ellum where she hosted 4 festivals prior to moving to Oak Cliff. Her dance studio teaches beginner to professional level dance and offers classes in Flamenco Guitar and Singing in artist residencies twice a year.


About Paco De Andrea – Bailaor (Male Dancer, Granada)

Francisco Fernández Pérez, better known as "Paco De Andrea", was born into a gypsy family in Granada, Spain but grew up in Nice, France. He trained as a flamenco dancer in the tablaos in Granada, where they stand out for their strength and elegance in their dance, he is often compared to Antonio Canales, Los Farrucos and Manolete among others. In his career he is part of various casts of flamenco, highlighting the company by Juan Andrés Maya, and has made several tours as a soloist in the United States, Japan, Russia, Siberia, Iceland, Germany, France and Mongolia. He will soon debut his own company in Spain.


Rafael Serrano Caldera “Agapula” Percussionist

Born in the Rastro neighborhood of Madrid, in the cradle of gypsy artists, he began his percussion studies at a very early age, spontaneously and self-taught. The vividness of its sound, taste and sound stands out. He has a wide variety of registers with various instruments such as the flamenco cajon, the Djembe, Darbuka, Congas and Indian Tablas.  At a very young age he began his professional career with the most prominent and emblematic dancer Antonio Canales (MAX Prize for Performing Arts), being part of his company in the most international shows. Such as "Bullfighter" , "Gitano" , "Bailaor".  He then joined the company of the successful dancer Joaquín Cortés for the show "LIVE" (2001) Radio City Music Hall in New York. He has completed multiple World Tours such as "Love and Hate", "My Soledad", Grand Rex of Paris."Calé" (2009) Collaborations for live concerts with various flamenco artists such as: Estrella Morente, Antonio Carbonell, El Negri, Gerardo Nuñez, Tomatito, Jorge Pardo, among others.

He collaborated on the albums "Veloz Hacia su Sino" and "Jovenes Flamencos" by the flutist and saxophonist Jorge Pardo. The great dancer Carmen Cortés contracted him for the show "Mujeres de Lorca" XIV Flamenco Biennial of Seville, Lope de Vega theater in Madrid, which toured Europe, and he is still part of his company to this day.   He joined "Al Natural" with the dancers José Maya, Farru and el Barullo, Álcala theater in Madrid.  Participates in the recording of the album Calé for Joaquín Cortes at the MUSIGRAMA Madrid studios.


About Manuel de La Curra (Cantaor) from the Jerez  de la Frontera,  a Jerezano living in Malaga, he comes from a family with a flamenco tradition. Guitarist and Cantaor I am part of Antonio Gades' company to sing or dance to the Lupi, Reel de Málaga, Rafael Agrigor, Karime Amaya, José Maia, Juan de Juan el Yiyo, María Juncal, La Repompilla, Belén López Alfonso Pepe Torres Miguel Rubio and has been a member of Diego Carrasco's band, Carrasco, Feli, Isabel Pantoja, Diana Navarro, la Cañeta, etc. He has participated in the Jerez festival, the Malaga and Villareal biennial in Seville and many festivals around the world and won various Flamenco singing awards, Especially for the Saeta. He has also worked as a guitar teacher, accompanying at the professional and higher conservatory of Alicante. José Espadero.  Manuel has also directed the project from 'Málaga to Belen' in 2013 with the collaboration of many Malaga artists.


Jesús Montoya (Flute and Saxophone) is a unique talent from Madrid. His hands marked his destiny in music as it could not be otherwise. Descendant of the great Agustín Castellón “Sabicas” flamenco runs in his veins.  He has played every Madrid tablao, including "El corral de la Pacheca", where he was a resident for 5 years.  Some artists who shared his personal sound are: Antonio Vargas «Potito», Elena Vargas, Sebastián Heredia «Cancanilla de Málaga», among others.  He is very present in Jazz and Latin Jazz recordings and collaborations and is a main component of the group »Los Yakis». He is currently working with Joaquín Cortés on his latest show called “Zapatitos Blancos”.


José Luis Fernández (Vaky) Losada, has played with all the current Masters of guitar in concerts around the world (Europe, Australia, Japan, China, Alaska, USA, South America, etc.) He performed at the International Flamenco Guitar Festival in Córdoba in 1989, 1991 and 1993. A concert for Princess Diana of Wales at Keshington Palace.  HIs accolades include a charity concert for children affected by the war in Zagreb, a Performance at the Royal Albert Hall theater in London, sharing the bill with Monserrat Caballé. (2000) He joined the company of the famous dancer Joaquín Cortés as a versatile musician, performing in the shows Alma gitana, Soul and Cibayí, playing various instruments: guitar, Arabic lute, electric bass and mandola. As part of the most influentual group of the 1990's Los "jóvenes flamencos" that laid the track for true Flamenco Fusión, con componentes tan influyentes como Jorge Pardo, Carlos Benavent, Rubén Dantas, la Susi y el virtuoso bailaor flamenco Raúl. Starting in 2003, he formed his own company with his brothers and premiered the first flamenco musical known as One Thousand and One Nights; The Musical, at the La Latina theater in Madrid. Afterwards they perform more concerts of this show in France, Barcelona, ??Andalusia.


About  Luckie “Abejorro”  is the greatest supporter of Ms Alcantara’s work.   A multi-skilled counterpart to match the diverse talents of Ms. Alcantara, this dynamic duo has spawned hundreds of cultural productions in Dallas and beyond.  His experience as a musician is invaluable to making things run smoothly.  Over the past eight years, Mr. Johnson has done everything from cooking paella, running sound, playing cajon, and dancing in the show.  Because of his participation in the last eight residencies, he will made his debut this year as Dallas’ newest flamenco guitarist.