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Texans Can Academies is pleased to announce the graduation of 10 students from the Baylor Scott & White Health & Wellness Center’s Community Health Worker Training program.

The program is a 160-hour competency-based training that covers eight core components of working in healthcare including communication, interpersonal skills, service coordination, capacity building, advocacy, teaching, organizational skills and knowledge base in specific health issues.

Rufus Johnson, principal at Texans Can Academies - Dallas North, said the students are a prime example of how students at the school can use their programs to create a bright future for themselves with the right tools and guidance.

“Of course, we are proud of each of our Texans Can Academies students,” Johnson said. “But these ten really went beyond what was expected and took proactive steps to create a better future for themselves by embracing educational opportunities.”

Community Health Workers are often trusted members of their communities, acting as an intermediary between members of the community and healthcare providers. Their knowledge of their communities and the healthcare system is a vital part of promoting overall community health.

“These students recognized the power of being an integral part of the healthcare experience, and I have no doubt their future endeavors will benefit themselves and the communities in which they serve,” Johnson said.

Texans Can Academies serve as a place for learning for underserved youth, with the hope of giving their students a leg up on their future by providing the educational tools needed to fully explore their potential.

“We have seen over the years the ways our students can become the stewards of their future and excel in the workforce and in their personal lives,” Johnson said. “Their ability to overcome challenges with the foundation we provide is simply astounding.”



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