Garden Readiness (Spring0



Central Standard Time



Trinity Haymarket LLC
1715 Market Center Blvd.
Dallas, Texas 75207

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Now is the time to start planning about your spring garden!   Soil preparation and seed starting are two important tasks to getting your garden ready.  This class will cover:  simple, effective soil amendments to ramp up a rich growing medium and why; which seeds to sow directly into the garden and which ones do better as transplants; and how to decide what to plant and when.  We'll also mention plants that work well together, as well as ways to keep your garden going while conserving water.  Tickets are only $10 per person and can by bought by clicking the attached link or buying the day of the class.. If you plan to attend please rsvp at or by calling 214 202-2163.  We have a huge selection of organic, heirloom and Non-gmo veggie, herb and flower seeds, soil amendments, tools, gloves, hats and just about eveything you need to start your spring garden.  Tickets purchased in advance go to and look for Garden Readiness class . 

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