Winter Solstice Celebration - The Coming of Light



Central Standard Time



Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff
3839 W. Kiest Blvd
Dallas, Texas 75233

 A Winter Solstice Celebration with entertainment and ceremonies of various cultures will occur simultaneously throughout the evening both indoors and out will be presented by the Labyrinth Walk Coffee House on Saturday, December 21 from 6:00 pm until 9:30 pm at the facilities of Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff (UUCOC), located at 3839 W. Kiest Blvd, Dallas, 75233.

 “Winter solstice! A time of transition in the annual war of light vs darkness, cold vs warmth, abundance vs shortage, life vs death!  All people in our northern climes have tended to view this as the crucial time of year.  A time to hold ceremonies designed to assist nature in rebounding from the path toward oblivion to one directed toward prosperity.”  Von Del Chamberlain, formerly a professor of astronomy at Michigan State University and author of numerous books

There is no charge for admission, but please bring a canned good or item of clothing for our food and clothing drive for the needy.  Donations to cover the cost of the event and tips for the performers who are donating their time will be accepted.

Indoor event scheduled in Hope Building


5:45:  Willow and Her Giant will host a slumber party.  Children may be dropped off in the Hope building.  Dress your tots in pajamas, cover them with warm coats, hats and gloves.  The children will be entertained by Willow and Her Giant.  The duo will perform their special music and children’s stories with their old world quality. Additionally, a musical children’s group will perform and children’s crafts will also be available.

Indoor events scheduled in Faith Building

6:00: A Welcome by Odin (a major Norse god)      followed by a candle-lighting Opening Ceremony by Tess Castleman, author, psychologist and Jungian analyst

6:30:      Jenni Mansfield Peal, singer and composer of urban folk and character ballads;

7:00: Chanting features the GloriChanters led by UUCOC’s own musical director Glorian Mulligan-Stratton

7:30:      Gabriel West - singer, actress, writer, and radio/TV broadcaster -  will perform Native American and folk songs;

7-9:00: Cookies, fruits, and nuts, along with warming hot spiced cider and hot chocolate will be available. 

8:00:   The Sound Oasis will combine woodwinds, keyboards, and drums to create a world of fusion and soaring melodies and rhythms;

8:30:   Taikodelic, a wholly American exploration of the Japanese style drumming called Taiko, will perform.

 Ongoing events in Charity and/or The Gazebo

~Storytellers Gene and Peggy Helmick-Richardson will entertain you with yuletide tales intermittently throughout the evening. With a combined 45 years, this duo has been telling stories together for 14 years and served as the annual Winter Solstice celebration storytellers for 13 years.  They have gone to schools, libraries, festivals, and community events and have regular commitments to local drug and alcohol treatment centers, a federal penitentiary and county jail.

~Fortune tellers will be on hand to read your future for a cash donation. Terry Guyton will be reading Tarot Cards and Bind Rune Stones, while Swami Salami will have her magical crystal ball.

Outdoor ceremonies begin at 6:30:

*Earth Loom decorating: A living symbol in the ground behind the Faith building which demonstrates the intention of weaving together the fabric of community.  It helps us unite hands and hearts to build and weave an emblem and instrument of peace. Organic items will be available for guests to weave into the loom.

*Meditative candle-lit Labyrinth walking: Walking a labyrinth brings a different meaning and experience to everyone.  This labyrinth was built in 1999 and maintained by many loving hands.  It is located behind the Gazebo.


*Ritual Yule Log burning: A Yule log is a large, very hard log burned in the hearth as part of a traditional Yule or Christmas celebration in several European cultures and is also associated with the winter solstice celebration.  This ritual will take place near the sweat lodge in the cleared area beyond the Labyrinth.


*9:00 pm: The Closing Ceremony – Raven Crow High Priestess Pam Kincaid will lead all in a spiral dance to the beats of Drums, Not Guns, a non-profit group believing people enjoying and playing music together reminds of us of our common humanity. 

Parking is available at the Church’s two lots and at the New Life Bible Fellowship lot at the corner of 3727 W. Kiest and Coombs Creek Drive on the east side of Five-Mile Cemetery.  For more information, see and/or

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