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Oak Cliff’s Sergio Antonio Garcia has performed on multiple stages beginning as a teen at a community theater in Harlingen to working a year in New York City, to Theater Three in the Quadrangle. He'll be rehearsing in August to play an apostle in "Jesus Christ Superstar" which opens in September. He is using his three decades of experience now by teaching and leading young actors onto the stage as the Bishop Arts Theatre Educational Programs Director.
An Overnight Sensation 41 Years in the Making: Musician, Singer, Actor, Dancer
Oak Cliff’s Sergio Antonio Garcia Now Leading Others to the Stage
After finishing his Fine Arts degree at UNT in 1999, Sergio Antonio Garcia headed north for New York City.
“I went up there to try to make it on Broadway. I figured the easiest way was to go to school there and get the training in the city, and make that transition to Broadway.”
Raised in Harlingen, he was “too busy in high school to get in trouble,” playing in the band, singing in the school choir and performing in the one community theater in town. His entire family was involved in the arts in some way: older sister Diana was a dancer; big brother Tizoc sang and played the French Horn; younger brother Jaime played the Trumpet; His mother, Irene, sings, and his father, Ignacio, plays the trumpet, and still does at the age of 76.
Sergio played Alto Sax in the band and choir, and at the age of 23, took up ballet so he’d be ready to dance once he got to Broadway.
But, he says, “Life happens,” and it brought him back to Dallas in 2000, after having lived in many different places in the New York City area: a “small shoebox of room dorm room” on the upper west side, then Brooklyn, then Jersey City. “I used to go in and out of the World Trade center all the time. I came back shortly before 9/11.” That tragedy was “Was really mind blowing,” remembers Sergio, “I couldn’t get a hold of any of my friends for days. It was a really crazy time.”
Back safely in Dallas, he began doing a variety of jobs, he landed his first professional gig at Theater Three in the quadrangle--a Kander and Ebb musical review “As The World Goes Around,” directed by Bruce Coleman. This brought him into the city as a working professional. He’s worked at Water Tower Theater, ICT in Irving, Garland, Uptown Players to name a few and says, “I kind of was all over the place, working the network – which was vaster here in Dallas than I thought.” Through it all he asked himself: how can I be happy? Can I make this acting life a profession?
It’s difficult to make it as a full time actor. There are a few positions available where it can be done, such as at the Dallas Theater Center, but it’s not unusual for actors to have a different day job and then go to an acting gig at night.
Realizing he could use some management experience—and needing a steady income to pay the bills and eat—Sergio took a job at the Whole Foods in Allen.  With no background in the industry he had to be a quick learner, because he was left in charge of the store soon after he started there, as the head manager went off on a month’s vacation. Sergio’s acting background came in handy: he told himself, “I’ll just act like a know what I’m doing…”
Two years there prepared him for his latest challenge, running the Bishop Arts Theater on Tyler street now during the busy summer months. In just his second week on the job, Theater founder Teresa Wash took a trip to California, leaving Sergio in charge.
“It brought me back to that Whole Foods job, realizing that now, thanks to that experience, I can do this.”
In fact, having been raised by parents who were always promoting education and constantly encouraging Sergio to do what he loves, he’s doing exactly that: managing the summer drama camp programs, and busy creating a fall calendar of events for the theater and its many patrons. Ideas range from “Senior Follies,” teaching senior citizens to dance, then ultimately producing a show with them as the talent next January, to developing a “Reality Bites” series of short plays based on special family recipes and family dynamics with performances on stage, followed by taste testing of the delicious food created in the lobby after the show. “Food is such a part of all our culture and it’s a great way to experience one another’s culture.”
Fortunately, Sergio has experience in both teaching and creating new programs.
After college, he worked as a teaching artist at CATS (Creative Arts Theater School) in Arlington for two years. He likes giving kids the same opportunity he had as a teenager to be involved in community theater, and hopes to raise scholarships for local Oak Cliff area students to attend both the Bishop Arts Theater’s summer camps and fall After School programs.
His goal is to develop an Arts Outreach program for low income, minority kids. “I honestly believe a well-rounded person knows about not just math and science and literature, but also the arts. It makes for a more well-rounded, productive member of society.”
And now that he’s managing a theater, another dream has become reality: he’ll be performing on stage this fall, in Jesus Christ Superstar. Rehearsals begin in August with the show running September 10th – 18th.  Sergio plays an apostle—but he’s not sure which one yet.
Sergio caught the “Theater bug” in high school, performing in “Fiddler on the Roof,” and his parents were supportive but insisted he also get a college education.  “It has served me well.” He’ll do the same for the Theater students at the Bishop Arts Theater, encouraging them to follow their acting dreams, but to complete their education, too.
From Harlingen to Dallas to New York City back to Dallas, Sergio is following his dreams—and hopes to help young actors do the same.
Week One of Summer camp has flown by. Next week, June 13-18, is Week Two. Students interested should contact Sergio immediately to sign up: call him at 214-948-0716 or e-mail:
Camp is for eight weeks. $655 include breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. Camp begins at 7:00 a.m. and drama classes end at 4:00 with pick up from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. The Center is located at 215 S. Tyler St, Dallas, TX 75208. See:
 --Judy Porter
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L-R: Pre-AP Physics students, juniors Micheala George and Louisa Montano, work past the final school bell on May 27, 2016, to finish a model home, a final project for their teacher, Mr. Rusuriye. Both students will return in the fall to take AP Physics as seniors from "Mr. R." who has been inspiring his students to pursue the study of Physics in college. Physics is the "knowledge of nature,” the natural science that involves the study of matter and motion through space and time with related concepts such as energy and force. The main goal of physics is to understand how the universe behaves.

Thanks to a Popular Teacher, Bishop Dunne Students Pursue Studies in Physics


Bishop Dunne has a strong program in the physical sciences, as physics teacher Mr. Van Rusuriye can attest. Three of his graduating seniors this year plan to major in physics in college. 
Graduate Jonathan Cuevas will study physics at the University of North Texas this fall. 2016 graduate Christian Mullin will attend the University of Maryland to study physics. Maryland has one of the best physics education research programs in the nation. Christian visited the university and met a friend of Mr. Rusuriye's who is in charge of that program.

Class of 2016 Valedictorian Jane Kelleher plans to be a theoretical physicist and will study physics at the University of Chicago, and later seek a doctoral degree.

Several recent Bishop Dunne graduates have also elected to study physics. Sophia Rana (2015) is majoring in physics at Loyola University, Chicago. Dan Le (2015) is studying math and physics at Stephen F. Austin State University, and Ryan Lane (2014) is studying physics at Dartmouth College

For more information on Bishop Dunne Catholic School's academic programs, see the school's website:

Bishop Dunne also has summer athletic and academic camps. See the school's website for more information.


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Bishop Dunne junior Casey Glenn graduated with a college degree on May 11, 2016. She earned enough college credit courses in her first three years of high school to graduate with an associate's degree in general studies. She plans to return to Bishop Dunne Catholic School in the fall because she wants to take some interesting elective courses, play volleyball and attend her senior prom.

Bishop Dunne Junior Earns a College Degree

Casey Glenn attended Bishop Dunne in 7th and 8th grade but decided to try out the new De Soto Collegiate High School which opened three years ago, in her freshman year. She took as many dual credit courses as she could as a freshman, to earn an associate's degree while still in high school, but something was missing: her Falcon family.

It didn't take her a semester to realize that even though she was taking dual credit courses, her classes at Dunne were more academic. And she missed her friends and former teachers.

With one year under her belt, she returned to Bishop Dunne and registered for every dual credit course she could take as a sophomore. She did the same this, her junior year, and took a few online college courses from Mountain View College.

On May 11, 2016, she graduated with an associate's degree in general studies. She could apply and go on to a university, but she plans to return in the fall to Dunne to complete her senior year because she is looking forward to more high school volleyball games and prom.

The youngest of five children in a blended family, she's a member of Light of the World Church of Christ, and plans on attending Baylor University or Arcadia in Philadelphia to become a nurse anesthesiologist.

Casey gives her mom, Belinda, a lot of credit for her success in school. She knows that she's in the right place now, back at Bishop Dunne, prepared to finish her high school career as she began it in middle school: as a proud Falcon.
For more information on Bishop Dunne Catholic School and its many academic programs see the school's website:
Bishop Dunne is hosting "Oak Cliff's Got Talent," Extravaganza, a talent show and competition for local students sponsored by the Oak Cliff Lions Club on Thursday, May 26th, 2016, in the school's auditorium. SHOW Tickets are $10 each and available at
This will be a live talent show featuring Oak Cliff High School students from a variety of southern Dallas schools. Celebrity Judges will be on hand to select the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Top prize is $500.


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Bishop Dunne's Michael Kistner won Coach of the Year honors two years ago for his leadership skills with the Falcon Girl's Volleyball team, and Teacher of the Year honors this year for his leadership skills in the classroom. He is pictured here with the seniors from his 2015-2016 varsity volleyball team.

Coach, Mentor, Teacher of the Year Michael Kistner Recognized for 25 Years in the Classroom


A graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, Michael Kistner earned a bachelor's degree in history, then a master's degree in European history from the University of North Texas. He began teaching at Bishop Dunne in 2000, and had been teaching for a decade before that. This is his 25th year in the classroom.

A sign above his classroom door reads, "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here," from Dante's Inferno. It appears to be just the opposite of his teaching and coaching style. He laughs about it: "That's a joke from my AP students," he explains.

His former students agree that he's an inspiration. Cameron Maxwell, Class of 2014, took AP World History from Mr. Kistner in his sophomore year. He says "Mr. Kistner is easygoing and has a relaxed way of teaching. I felt like I wasn't just another student, but that we all got to know each other on a deeper level."

In addition to teaching a full schedule of classes and coaching volleyball, over the years Mr. Kistner has served as moderator for the National Honor Society.

For fun, when he's not teaching or coaching or moderating a club, he's researching with the goal of writing books. One is about his father's two tours in Vietnam, in 1968 and in 1971. The other is a book on strategic mining in World War II.

Mr. Kistner is married to Kris, and on June 30, 2016, they'll celebrate their 26th anniversary. The couple often attends Falcon football home games.

For more information about Bishop Dunne Catholic School see the school's website at:  For information about the Volleyball program, contact coach Kistner at or Becky Sivinski at

The school hosts a number of athletic and academic camps in the summer including volleyball:

High School Girls’ Volleyball Camp
Grades: Incoming 9th-12th Grade
Date: July 18- 20, 2016 (Monday – Wednesday)
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Cost: $75


This skills camp is designed to meet the needs of athletes entering grades 9-12. The focus is on all aspects of the game, particularly fundamentals. Skill development is emphasized through on-court instruction in the following areas: serving, serve receiving, forearm passing, setting, attacking, team defense, blocking, team reception, attack coverage and team transition.


Instructor: Mike Kistner



Middle School Girls’ Volleyball Camp
Grades: Incoming 5
th – 8th Grade
Date: July 18- 20, 2016 (Monday – Wednesday)
Time: 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Cost: $50


This skills camp is designed to meet the needs of athletes entering grades 6-8. The focus is on all aspects of the game with an emphasis on fundamentals. Skill development is emphasized through on-court instruction in the following areas: serving, serve receiving, forearm passing, setting, attacking, team defense, blocking, team reception, attack coverage, and team transition.


Instructors: Mike Kistner & Rebecca Sivinski




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Bishop Dunne students Alina Hampton, Savannah Everett, and Jade Nash were each recognized for their artwork in the state wide campaign to keep Texans safe from rabies.

Three Falcon Students Earn Honorable Mentions in Statewide Rabies Prevention Poster Contest
Three Bishop Dunne 7th graders were notified that out of thousands of entries in a Texas Department of State Health poster contest, they were the runners-up.
Savannah Everett, Alina Hampton and Jade Nash were each recognized for their artwork in the state wide campaign to keep Texans safe from rabies.
In an e-mail to Alma Keglovits, moderator of the Bishop Dunne Animal Rescue Club, Texas Department of State Health Services Epidemiologist
Bonny Mayes complimented her students on their impressive artwork, saying that she wished more prizes were available to give them.  
Savannah’s poster was a colored pencil drawing of a pug with a rabies’ vaccine dog tag around its neck. She says she’s been drawing since she was little and enjoys the Animal Rescue Club on campus. She hopes to be a lawyer one day.

Jade’s poster had bats and a fox in a forest and was created with markers, crayons and glitter. Her poster warned of the dangers of being bitten by those animals. She’s been drawing since kindergarten and, like Savannah, enjoys her involvement with the Animal Rescue Club. She plans to be a research doctor one day.
Alina Hampton’s talent for art became apparent when she was just eight years old. A native of California, she moved to Dallas with her family last July. She is also a member of the Animal Rescue Club and takes care of her pet, a dog named Bambino. When she’s not in school she plays golf and looks forward to being good enough to join the Falcon varsity Golf team one day.
The annual Rabies Prevention poster contest is open to all middle and high school students in the state. Winning posters will be publicized on the DSHS website. All posters become the property of the Texas Department of State Health Services. Artwork from top-ranking posters may be used for future state sponsored educational materials.

The contest is sponsored by the Zach Jones Memorial Fund with the purpose of raising rabies awareness. For more information, see:

For information about next year’s contest, contact Bonny Mayes at: or 512-776-2888.

For more information about Bishop Dunne Catholic school see the school's website or contact Ms. Keglovits regarding the Animal Rescue Club at

Be a Falcon for a Day!
For more information:
or call 214-339-6561

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The Alamo was one of many interesting sites the students of Bishop Dunne visited during a trip this month to San Antonio and Austin. The 7th and 8th graders learned about Texas history and science, and finished up the two day trip with a visit to the Texas State Capitol and the House Chamber before returning to Dallas.

Falcon Middle School Students Visit Austin and San Antonio


Bishop Dunne 7th and 8th grade students traveled to San Antonio and Austin for special lessons in Texas history and science on May 2-3, 2016.

On Monday, students and teachers left early for San Antonio, where they arrived in time to have lunch at the historical Mi Tierra Restaurant in Market Square. They visited the Alamo and learned how and why it was built, who it was named after, and how it became a symbol of Texas independence.

Students spent the afternoon visiting Mission Concepción, which was built in 1716. Mission Concepción is the best preserved mission in the San Antonio Missions National Historic Park. They then traveled to Sea World for their overnight stay. They saw and petted the sharks; fed the sea lions and stingrays; and saw beluga whales, orcas, and dolphins. The girls camped in the penguin pavilion, and the boys camped in the reptile pavilion. As part of their behind-the-scenes experience, students were able to preview exhibits that are under construction.

On Tuesday, students and teacher packed up and headed to Austin, where they visited the Bob Bullock Museum. This museum owns a large collection of artifacts that bring Texas history to life for visitors. The group then made a stop at the Texas State Capitol and visited the House Chamber before heading home to Dallas in the afternoon.

Bishop Dunne students have multiple opportunities to travel while attending the school. Last month a group travelled to New York to visit a few college campuses and see the sights. In June, ten students will go to Nicaragua on a Mission Trip. Another trip is planed for Italy for Spring Break 2017.

Bishop Dunne also offers a number of athletic and academic camps in the summer. For more information see the school's website:

Be a Falcon for a Day! For more information: or call 214-339-6561.

Save the date: the Annual Bishop Dunne 100 Dinner is October 20, 2016,  at the Dallas Omni Hotel downtown

TAPPS District 1 Back-to-Back Football Champions








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Senior Mackenzie Frank broke two state records in hurdles--each of which she set a year ago--at this year's TAPPS State Track and Field meet on May 6 and 7, 2016. She will be attending Texas Tech this fall on a scholarship.

Bishop Dunne Falcons Victorious at TAPPS Track and Field State Meet

Several members of the Falcons' track and field team were crowned state champions at the TAPPS Track and Field State Championship meet in Waco, Texas, on May 6 and 7, 2016. The Falcons earned twelve medals in ten events, including five first place finishes.

Senior Mackenzie Frank set state records in the 100 meter (13.98) and 300 (42.56) meter hurdles. The Texas Tech University commit broke her own records which were set at the 2015 TAPPS state meet. Fellow senior and Southeastern Louisiana University commit, Ayaunee Williams, also ran in the 100 meter and 300 meter, placing third (15.14) and fifth (47.49) respectively.

The men's 4x200 meter and 4x400 meter were also crowned state champions on Saturday.

The 4x200 meter relay team, comprised of Caleb Evans, Josh Drayden, Marquez Beason, and Geraud Sanders, finished the race in 1:28.98.

The 4x400 meter relay team of Houston Little, Carson Horner, Solomon Smith, and Xavier Harvey finished in 3:26.65.

Freshman Marquez Beason tied the state record in the men's 100 meter dash with a time of 10.80, good for first place and a state championship title.

Daryle Good competed in the triple jump. He placed second in the event, soaring 43.25 feet.

The complete results from the 2016 TAPPS state track and field meet for the Bishop Dunne athletes are:





Mackenzie Frank

100m hurdles



Mackenzie Frank

300m hurdles



Ayaunee Williams

100m hurdles



Ayuanee Williams

300m hurdles



Ayuanee Williams

100m dash



Cassie Garner

100m dash



Caleb Evans, Josh Drayden,
Marquez Beason, Geraud Sanders

Men's 4x200m relay



Houston Little, Carson Horner,
Solomon Smith, Xavier Harvey

Men's 4x400m relay



Marquez Beason

Men's 100m dash



Caleb Evans, Josh Drayden,
Marquez Beason, Tremayne Bell

Men's 4x100m relay



Caleb Evans

Men's 200m dash



Geraud Sanders

Men's 200m dash



Houston Little

Men's 400m dash



Xavier Harvey

Men's 400m dash



Carson Horner

Men's 400m dash



Daryle Good

Men's Triple Jump


For more information on Bishop Dunne see the school's website: Contact Coach Isaac Bell about the track and field program:

SAVE THE DATE: Bishop Dunne 100 Dinner, October 20, 2016, Dallas Omni Hotel downtown.
Be a Falcon for a Day!
For more information:
or call 214-339-6561 
Bishop Dunne Falcons are TAPPS District 1 Back-to-Back Football Champions.





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A member of the Bishop Dunne Falcon Cheer Squad for all four years in high school, Sarah Massey is also a member of NHS, FCA, and a Student Ambassador at the school. She is one of two cheerleaders on the squad to cheer at the university level this fall, and one of a dozen athletes offered scholarships to college from the class of 2016. Graduation from Bishop Dunne is May 20, 2016

A Falcon Becomes a Longhorn: Tri-Athlete, Scholar, Falcon Cheerleader Makes University Squad

Sarah Massey helped the Falcon girls win state for the 4x100 when she was just a sophomore, but it's her enthusiasm for cheer that has landed her on the University of Texas Cheerleading Squad.

Sarah came to Bishop Dunne in the seventh grade from First Baptist Academy. An only child, she's close to her mother, Angela, and father, Mark.

A tri-athlete, Sarah excels in volleyball, track, and cheerleading.

She's also been very busy as the captain of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, as a student ambassador, as Executive Vice President of Student Council, and as an active member in the National Honor Society, the National Art Honor Society, and the African American Awareness Club. She also babysits some of her cousins and close family friends' children and will be working this summer as a staff instructor for the UCA cheer camps. Sarah came to Bishop Dunne because her parents wanted to place her in a more positive and diverse environment.

Sarah describes Bishop Dunne as welcoming, strong, and a family. She plans to keep in touch with her Falcon family as she heads off to Austin and a bigger arena where her enthusiasm can continue to shine.

Bishop Dunne Catholic School has grades 6th through 12 and offers many athletic programs and teams, from Archery to Drill Team, and Football, Soccer, Swim, Golf, Tennis and Track to name a few. See the school's website at for more information or contact Middle School Athletic Director Coach Stephen Guerrero at: or high school Athletic Director Kenneth Davis at for more information.


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Bishop Dunne Students Senior Houston Little, sophomores Lola Rodriguez and Jonathon James, and seniors Geraud Sanders and Joshua Drayden meet Robert Thomas, former Dallas attorney and recipient of the Oak Cliff Lions Club Bill Melton Humanitarian of the Year Award. Robert Thomas and his wife, Gail, were the first married couple to receive the award since it began in 1978 with legendary Cowboys Coach Tom Landry as the first recipient. Seniors Little, Sanders and Drayden will all attend college this fall and play football. Geraud Sanders will attend the Air Force Academy on a full scholarship and Joshua Drayden is headed to Cal-Berkeley on a full scholarship.

Bishop Dunne Students Encouraged to Serve Their Community, Make A Difference In The World

Robert and Gail Thomas are the recipients of the 2016 Humanitarian of the Year Award presented by "The Voice of the Cowboys," Bill Melton, and the Oak Cliff Lions Club.

Two dozen attendees of the luncheon represented Bishop Dunne Catholic School, the largest group at the sold-out event.

In accepting the award on April 13, 2016, at the annual luncheon, Mrs. Thomas looked directly at the 22 Bishop Dunne students in the audience and advised them that living as an individual doesn't work. One must live in community.

She then quoted T.S. Eliot: "What life have you if you have not life together? There is no life that is not in community."


The Oak Cliff Lions Club Bill Melton Humanitarian Award is presented each year to recognize and honor a person (or persons) whose activities, contributions and service to the community, best symbolize the ideals of Lionism. The Award is usually given to non-Lions who have demonstrated dedication to community, profession, God and mankind, that exemplifies the motto of Lions Clubs International, "We Serve". The Award was re-named by the Club Board of Directors in April 2010, to Honor the Founding President of the Award, Past District Governor and former Dallas County Treasurer Bill Melton.

Recipients of the award include: 

Tom Landry* 1978

Coach, Dallas Cowboys; Super Bowl VI and XII Championship Teams;

NFL Hall of Fame; Fellowship of Christian Athletes Leader; Horatio Alger Award
Bill Hunter 1979 President, Dallas School Board; Community Leader; Attorney
H. Ross Perot 1980 Founder, Electronic Data Systems; United States Presidential Candidate; Dallas’ Perot Museum of Nature and Science; Horatio Alger Award; Linz Award
John Criswell 1981 News Anchor, WFAA Television; "Wednesday's Child" Leader 
Ben Lipshy* 1982

Founder/President, Zales Corporation; Chief Executive, University Medical Center, Inc.; Dallas Civic and Charitable Leader

Buddy Minyard* 1983 Chairman/CEO, Minyard Food Stores; President, Dallas Retail Grocers; Leader, Dallas’ Scottish Rite Masonic Order; Community and Charitable Leader 
Harold Schackman* 1985 Zales Oak Cliff Manager; Head of Zales’ Employees Retirement Program; “Tireless” Community Worker – known as “Mr. Oak Cliff”; Oak Cliff Lion
Dr. J.L. LaManna 1990 Chairman, Southwest Osteopathic Physicians, Inc.; Providing Millions of Dollars to some 150 non-profits in Oak Cliff; Dallas Baptist University Good Samaritan Award
Lillian Bradshaw* 1991 Director, Dallas Public Library; President, American and Texas Library Associations; First Married and Female Dallas Library Director 
Dr. Charles Baxter* 1992 Chairman, Parkland Hospital Burn Center; Founder, Skin-Graft Center at Parkland; JFK Parkland Emergency Room Notable, November 22,1963 
Roger Staubach 1993  Former Dallas Cowboy; MVP, Super Bowl VI; NFL Hall of Fame; 1963 Heisman Trophy at Navy; Developer, Community Leader; Horatio Alger Award
Birdie Jackson* 1994 Foster Care Mother; Well known Community Worker; Birdie Jackson Foundation
Dan Eddy* 1994 Dallas Salvation Army Fund Raiser; Oak Cliff Justice of the Peace; Oak Cliff Lion 
Dr. Charles Sprague* 1995 Chairman/CEO, Southwestern Medical Foundation; Considered “Legend in Medicine”; three Endowment Chairs established in his Honor; Dallas Civic Leader
Rodger Meier* 1996 Chairman/CEO, Rodger Meier Cadillac; Civic Leader; Chair, Dallas Chamber; 1979 Dallas “Father of the Year”; Linz Award 
Ebby Halliday Acers* 1997 Ebby Halliday Real Estate Founder; Philanthropic Leader; Texas Women’s Hall of Fame; President, North Dallas Chamber; Horatio Alger Award; Linz Award
Raymond Nasher* 1998 Philanthropist; Developer of NorthPark Center; World Renowned Art Collector; Dallas’ Nasher Sculpture Center; Linz Award
Robert S. Folsom 1999 Mayor of Dallas; President, Dallas School Board; Chair, Methodist Hospital Board; Developer; Dallas Civic Leader; Only Four Sport Letterman in SMU History
Nancy Brinker 2000 Founder, Susan G. Komen Foundation; United States Ambassador to Hungary
Ruth Sharp Altshuler 2001 National, Texas, and Dallas Philanthropic Leader; Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Awarded by Smithsonian Institute; Linz Award
Suzanne Duvall 2001 Nationally Recognized Master Mediator; First Recipient, American Arbitration’s Annual Steve Brutche Award; First Recipient, Tom Eisner Mediator of the Year
Martha Gilmore* 2001 Minister; Educator; Pioneer for Women’s Ministerial Rights; Served on Children’s, Inc., Girl’s Foundation of Dallas and Crossroads Community Services Boards 
Canon Stephen Swann 2001 Founder, Episcopal School of Dallas; Community Leader; Stephen B. Swann Athletic Center dedicated to Physical Fitness, one of Finest in United States 
Liz Minyard 2002 President, Minyard Food Stores; Civic Leader; Chair, Dallas Chamber; Chair, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas; Helped Found North Texas Food Bank
J. McDonald Williams 2003 President and CEO, Trammel Crow Companies; Developer; Dallas Community Leader; Board Member, A. H. Belo Corporation; Linz Award
Chris Victor Semos* 2004 Texas State Representative; Dallas County Commissioner; Civic Leader; Chair, Texas Sesquicentennial Celebration; Owner, Torch Restaurant; Oak Cliff Lion
Lamar Hunt* 2005 Founder, American Football League, MLS, NASL and WCT; Owner, Kansas City Chiefs – Super Bowl IV Champions; Named Super Bowl; NFL Hall of Fame
Paul M. Bass, Jr.* 2006 Investment Banker; Medical Advocate; Parkland Hospital Chair; Linz Award
Dr. Wright L. Lassiter, Jr. 2007 Chancellor, Dallas County Community College District; Former President, Dallas’ Bishop College; Chair, Dallas’ African American Museum Board
Peter Pauls Stewart 2008 Founder, Dallas’ Thanks Giving Square; Leader in Dallas Multi-Religion Community; Dallas Civic Leader; Linz Award
T. Boone Pickens 2009 Oil and Energy Entrepreneur; Civic Philanthropist – Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, Meals on Wheels, Oklahoma State University; Horatio Alger Award
Lindalyn B. Adams 2010 Leader behind Dallas’ Sixth Floor Museum, Old Red Courthouse Restoration, Dallas County Historical Landmark Program and Old City Park; Linz Award
Ruben Esquivel 2011 Chair, State Fair of Texas, Parkland Hospital Board of Managers, Dallas County Historical Foundation, Dallas Opera, YMCA of Metro Dallas, Oak Cliff Lion
Michael A. Jenkins 2012 President/Managing Director, Dallas Summer Musicals; President/Founder, LARC Entertainment Group; Co-Founder, Six Flags Parks; Winner, six Tony Awards
Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper 2013 Author, “Aerobics”; Founder/President, Cooper Aerobics Center; created training for US Astronauts; trained 1970 Brazil Soccer Team to World Cup Championship
Dr. Jody Grant 2014 "Father" of Dallas' Klyde Warren Park; Nationally Known Banker/Economist; Dallas Civic Leader; All America Swimmer at SMU; Horatio Alger Award; Linz Award
Kay Bailey Hutchison  2015  United States Senator; Texas State Treasurer; Texas State Representative; Vice Chair, National Transportation Safety Board; Helped Repeal Wright Amendment
Gail and Robert Thomas  2016 Gail – President & CEO, The Trinity Trust; raised funding for Margaret Hunt Hill and Margaret McDermott Bridges; Co-Founder, Dallas Institute for Humanities and Culture; dedicated life to improvement of cities; Psychotherapist; author/lecturer

Robert – Past President, Dallas Bar Association; acquired property for Belo Mansion Dallas Bar Headquarters; Lead Counsel for DISD in Dallas Desegregation Case; Board of Trustees, Southern Methodist University; President, SMU Alumni Association


For more information on Bishop Dunne Catholic School see:

For more information on the Oak Cliff Lions Club see:

Oak Cliff's Got Talent Extravaganza is scheduled for May 26, 2016 at 7:00 PM at Bishop Dunne Auditorium - 3900 Rugged Drive, Dallas, 75224

Join the Oak Cliff Lions Club for the Annual Extravaganza Fundraising Event. This will be a live talent show featuring Oak Cliff High School students and all of the wonderful talent they have to offer. Celebrity Judges will be on hand to select the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

SHOW Tickets are $10 each and available at

A drawing will also be held this evening for a $2,500 gift card GRAND PRIZE.

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The Bishop Dunne Falconette squad has won many awards and accolades this year for the team's expert dancing and enthusiastic routines. Coach Kelly Norman, on left, is also a former Falconette and graduate of the school.


Bishop Dunne Falconette Audrey Blackburn Was Born to Dance--and Lead

Sophomore Audrey Blackburn began dancing when she was four years old. She practices at Stacia's School of Dance in Cedar Hill twice a week for two hours. In addition, including her dancing with the Bishop Dunne Falconette Drill Team, she dances every day, and sometimes twice a day. Her favorite type of dance is jazz or lyrical.

With her dance experience and skill, Audrey joined the Falconettes in eighth grade. She has attended many exciting events including a number of competitions, beginning with a trip to Hawaii her freshman year. This year she brought home a trophy in the top Senior Private Solo Division at the American Dance Championship held in Duncanville.


Her plan for the future includes a tryout to become a "World Famous Kilgore Rangerette" at Kilgore Junior College. She’d like to earn a business degree there and then move on to a design college like Parsons in New York to become an interior decorator and designer.

A Falcon since sixth grade, Audrey came from St. Elizabeth’s and said her favorite class her first year at Dunne was Mr. Jeremy Ratliff’s math class. This year she enjoys all her classes, especially English with Mr. Kelly, a new ACE (Alliance for Catholic Education) teacher working towards his Master’s degree in Education from Notre Dame.

As president of the sophomore class, Audrey is a natural leader who keeps involved in many aspects of the school. She’s a member of the National Art Honor Society and was in charge of the school’s annual talent show in March, where she worked behind the scenes, so never saw an act on stage, but kept things smoothly running.

For more information on Bishop Dunne’s Falconette Dance and Drill team squad, see the school’s website: or contact Coach Kelly Norman at 

Newly enrolled families are invited to Falcon Friday on May 6, 2016 from 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Representatives from Bishop Dunne’s academic departments, summer camps, technology department, and business office will be in attendance to answer questions and help new families experience a smooth transition into Bishop Dunne. Then, join us for a free football scrimmage game, along with performances by our band and cheerleaders.




Bishop Dunne Summer Camps
Summer is a busy, fun, and productive time at Bishop Dunne. Students can choose to take courses in academic subjects, strengthen foundations, work ahead to be ready for rigorous classes, learn something wonderfully new just for enjoyment, or develop athletic skills. Summer programs are also an excellent way for new students to make new friends and learn their way around campus. For more information see the school’s website: or contact Christine Voigt at