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Category Date Address Complaint Source Crime Report
Criminal Mischief4/16/2014 3:43 PM736 Jefferson Blvd, Dallas, 75208Criminal mischief
Unknown person(s) threw rock at comp's business window damaging it.
Dallas Police Department0090278-B
Burglary4/16/2014 10:00 AM1314 Davis St, Dallas, 75211Burglary of building
Unknown suspect entered building a took property.
Dallas Police Department0090927-B
Other4/15/2014 8:26 PM1400 Davis St, Dallas, 75211Mvc involving damaged vehicl
Suspect hit comp and left loc without providing any information.
Dallas Police Department0089577-B
Robbery4/16/2014 6:56 PM200 Vanburen Ave, Dallas, 75224Investigation of robbery
Known suspect took from comp. - Known susps took comp's money without consent by force.
Dallas Police Department0090447-B
Other4/17/2014 5:16 PM1127 Beckley Ave, Dallas, 75208Found property/investig/stolen
Reporting officers seized altered trailer with suspect stolen caterpillar. - Reporting officers seized a trailer with a generator for identification and investigation of stolen vehicle.
Dallas Police Department0091313-B
Assault4/15/2014 1:19 AM1100 Crawford St, Dallas, 75203Assault
Unknown susps punched the comp.
Dallas Police Department0088912-B
Other4/15/2014 3:17 PM100 Colorado Blvd, Dallas, 75203Acc inv dmg vehicle flid
Suspect hit comp vehicle left the location without leaving any info.
Dallas Police Department0089351-B
Burglary4/15/2014 8:20 PM727 Page Ave, Dallas, 75208Burglary of habitation
Suspect entered residence through window took property exited door. - On april 15, 2014 comp was absent from her residence at approx 0600-1500. Comp stated during those times an unknown suspect entered through open rear window took listed property without permission and exited through side door. Comp stated the suspect ransacked the residence. Pes was not contacted due to the fact of comp cleaning the residence prior to r/o's arrival.
Dallas Police Department0089627-B
Burglary4/15/2014 1:13 AM336 Lakecliff Dr, Dallas, 75203Burglary of residence
Suspect broke into comp's home and took property w/o consent. - The complainant stated that an unknown suspect kicked in the back door at the listed location, entered, and took the listed property without his consent. Pes requested for fingerprints of a beer bottle the complainant believes was left behind by the suspect.
Dallas Police Department0089836-B
Theft4/15/2014 1:15 PM231 Jefferson Blvd, Dallas, 75203Theft
Unknown suspect removed laptop and bag and other items from theater office. - The complainant stated that between the listed times on the listed date, an unknown suspect removed her laptop bag and laptop with the other listed items in the bag as well. The complainant stated that the items were stolen from her office inside the witness location without permission. Nfi end of elements.
Dallas Police Department0090194-B
Quality Of Life4/17/2014 1:58 PM400 Marlborough Ave, Dallas, 75208Runaway
Comp ran away from loc.
Dallas Police Department0091129-B
Theft4/16/2014 4:36 PM123 Julian St, Dallas, 75203Theft
Unknown suspect took comps prop without consent. - On listed date and time rp, who works for the comp, stated an unknown suspect entered onto the company property and took a 14" husqvarna wet saw without consent. Suspect then got into the listed vehicle and fled the location going n/b on spann st.
Dallas Police Department0091255-B
Vehicle Burglary4/16/2014 1:24 PM210 Oakcliff Blvd, Dallas, 75224Burglary motor vehicle
Unknown suspect entered comp's vehicle and stole property. - Between the listed dates and times at the listed location the comp stated an unknown suspect entered his vehicle and stole the listed property.
Dallas Police Department0091110-B
Theft4/16/2014 4:58 PM625 Griffith Ave, Dallas, 75208InvestOf theft
Investigation of theft.
Dallas Police Department0090356-B
Other4/14/2014 11:13 PM610 Ewing Ave, Dallas, 75203Impersonating public servant
Suspect contacted comp claiming to be a federal agent. - On april14, 2014 at 1005p ros were dispatched to 610 n ewing ave in response to threatening phone calls received by the comp. The suspect was contacting the comp stating they were federal agents and searching for the comp's ex-wife. The suspect stated they were coming to the comp's loc, which caused the comp to become fearful for his safety and the safety ofhis children.
Dallas Police Department0088843-B
Death or Homicide4/15/2014 6:50 PM419 Montreal Ave, Dallas, 75208Unexplained death
Compl. Died of unknown cause. - On 041514 at about 2:30 p. M. R/o's received a welfare check at the offense location. Upon their arrival dfr #14 was at the location and hadmade forced entry into the residence. They found the compl. , in bed, in a back bedroom. They pronounced him deceased at 2:50 p. M. D end of elements.
Dallas Police Department0089364-B
Vehicle Burglary4/17/2014 4:18 PM2061 Fortworth Ave, Dallas, 75236Investigation of bmv
Unknown suspect took comps property with out consent. - Investigation of bmv. On listed date and time, rp states that he went inside of business at listed offense loc. Rp states that when he returned to listed vehicle his red compass bank bag with listed property inside was missing. Rp states that the unknown suspect did not have consent to take listed property. Rp had no suspect info. Nfi. End of elements.
Dallas Police Department0090999-B
Vehicle Burglary4/15/2014 5:30 AM1000 Waverly Dr, Dallas, 75211Burglary of motor vehicle
Suspect entered comp's veh and took property w/o consent. - An unknown suspect broke into the complainant's vehicle by unknown means and took the listed property without consent. Pes not requested.
Dallas Police Department0089908-B
Other4/15/2014 3:08 PM1955 Vilbig Rd, Dallas, 75208Found property
Found property, marijuana inside vehicle at city auto pound.
Dallas Police Department0089320-B
Assault4/17/2014 9:12 PM900 Walkway St, Dallas, 75212Deadly conduct
Suspect displayed a shot gun,comp was in fear of serious bodily inj. - Suspect displayed a shotgun infront of comp residence and caused comp to be in fear of immenent serious bodily injury.
Dallas Police Department0091491-B


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About Dallas Police Reports
Dallas Police reports are updated daily from data released on the DallasPD crime reports website. Addresses and text are automatically processed for readability and presentation. Some data may be incomplete or missing. For more information visit DPD Records.

Dallas PD Abbreviations

  • ap - arrested person
  • bmv - burglary motor vehicle
  • comp - complaintent
  • flid - fled without leaving id
  • fsra - failed to stop and render aid
  • f/v - family violence
  • inv - investigation
  • m/a - class a misdemeanor
  • m/b - class b misdemeanor
  • m/c - class c misdemeanor
  • mir - miscellaneious incident report
  • o/t - out of town
  • phm - parkland memorial hospital
  • susp - suspect
  • unk - unknown
  • uumv - unauthorized use motor vehicle
  • veh - vehicle

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