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Can you flip in a hot market?

Oak Cliff BubbleLife iReporter 1/9 2:04A Rochelle Mortensen
In a tight sellers market, is it still possible to buy a house ripe for renovation and sell it for a profit? It is possible to flip homes even in the hottest of markets, if done wisely. Most investors...

Experts predict the hottest color trends for 2017

Oak Cliff BubbleLife iReporter 1/3 3:19A Rochelle Mortensen
When it comes to determining design trends for a new year, experts start planning months in advance. They start pulling together look books based on whats starting to get attention online and whatever is catching the eyes of trendsetters and...

The top political issues in 2017 Realtors will be watching

Oak Cliff BubbleLife iReporter 12/27 1:20A Rochelle Mortensen
Are mortgage rate going to rise? Will banking reform change lending practices again and impact your ability to buy a house? Are the banks headed for more bailouts? Many voters are asking these questions as we prepare for a new administration. But...
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