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Top Tips to Go Green in Your Yard

Oak Cliff BubbleLife iReporter 5/2 11:42A Rochelle Mortensen
Nobody wants doggie doo in their drinking water. And yet, run-off from most lawns can include fertilizers, pesticides and yes, gifts from our pets all of which end up in our water supply. Smarter landscaping choices can help protect our water...

As Housing Prices Soar, Fiji Townhomes Fill Affordable Niche

Candy's Dirt 4/28 6:56P Joanna England
The first phase of the Fiji Townhomes development is almost sold out. The affordable prices and functional floorplans are attracting a lot of interest. The first phase of the Fiji Townhomes at Compton...

5 Tips to Hire the Right Moving Company

Oak Cliff BubbleLife iReporter 4/26 5:40A Rochelle Mortensen
Its a great feeling when youve found the property of your dreams. Its not such a great feeling to start planning how youll move your belongings into it.  Hiring movers can help you take some of the stress out of your move, but only if you find...

Election 101: Pinkerton, Faz Duke It Out for District 7 Seat

Candy's Dirt 4/23 6:59A Bethany Erickson
Photo illustration NPR See this? This is what we should be talking about, but we aren t. I will be honest   I’ve been dreading this snapshot for the District 7 election. It’s the final one, and every...

Election 101: Two Challenge Incumbent in District 5 Race

Candy's Dirt 4/23 2:00A Bethany Erickson
Photo courtesy Blue Diamond Gallery . In our third installment looking at the Dallas Independent School District’s school board election, we will be looking at District 5 , which includes Oak Lawn,...
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